flight radar 24

  1. Whitebeard

    'Strange' Flight Path on FR24

    Been following this flight on FR24 No, not a very odd covert geo-engineering flight, ;) ... Its the television relay plane for the Tour de France. Basically all the TV feeds from the various camera cars and bikes, plus the two or three helicopters that follow the race are relayed up to an...
  2. Trailblazer

    Unusual flight paths over SW England

    I'm in Ilfracombe (Devon) at the moment and just noticed an unusual "low and slow" plane flying over. I had a look at FR24 and saw that it was a Lockheed C130 Hercules. (The tracking came and went, so this short section of flight path isn't especially accurate - it actually went almost directly...
  3. TEEJ

    Belfast Observer Skywatch claiming that airliners do not appear on Flight Radar 24 - 10th March 2015

    Claim from Belfast observer skywatch in Northern Ireland that airliners in the following videos do not appear on flight tracking applications. The two videos were filmed on 10th March 2015. Also note a common theme that runs within the chemtrail community of "ghost/fake/hologram" aircraft...
  4. TEEJ

    Gary Cameron Clydebank, Scotland Video, 1st May 2015- Claim of aircraft not being on Flight Radar 24

    In the following video Gary Cameron claims that the aircraft is not visible on Flight Radar 24. Published on 1 May 2015 FlightRadar24 footage PROVES these are Traitor Miltary Chemjets and not Commercial Flights. After filming the aircraft Gary films Flight Radar 24 on his phone and claims...
  5. Efftup

    Issue with Flight Radar 24?

    I just logged on to FR24 and it is hardly showing any planes at all. I assume they are still flying a lot over Europe so I wonder if there is something up with their website server. Something must collate information sent to them from peoples' receivers.