1. LMR

    Bucka's Earth Rotation Experiment

    Surfing the Internet I found an interesting and easy experiment to check Earth rotation. A German scientist invited it in 1940s. There is a rod (any material), the length is about 1.5 meters and it can freely rotate around a horizontal axis which is in a frame. The frame can rotate around a...
  2. Rory

    How to Show the Horizon is Below Eye Level, Using Actual Eyes

    Had an idea about how to very clearly and very easily show that the horizon isn't at eye level: take some pictures of some eyes! You will need: 1. A camera 2. A high place with a level surface and a view to the horizon 3. A person pretty much the same height as you 4. The ability to hold a...
  3. Bass In Your Face

    Curvature Experiment showing relation between x-axis and z-axis

    Hey guys, I decided to whip up this experiment at my shop when somebody questioned a graphic of mine that I created to help demonstrate the horizon of a sphere the size of the earth, by zooming in it and showing the FOV. This was the graphic: (Yes I wrote in the wrong FOV for the last pic :/...
  4. Sandor Szekely

    Lake Balaton Laser experiment to determine the curvature of the Earth, if any.

    This thread documents the progress of planning, execution, and analysis of an Experiment conducted by Sandor Szekely (a believer in the "Flat Earth" theory) on Lake Balaton in Hungary. The goal of the experiment was to measure the curvature of the surface of a lake by shining a laser across it...
  5. Mick West

    Debunked: Particulate crimes: Chemtrails [Mist Under Bright Light]

    Back in the early days of the "chemtrail" theory, in July 2001, Clifford Carnicom wrote an article about how he noticed some particulate matter swirling around in the air, visible when you shine a bright light. He accompanied it with the above series of photos, and the following text: The...