contrail shadow

  1. Mick West

    Illusion of Contrail Asymmetry from Flying perpendicular to the Sun

    In the above image it looks like one contrail starts at the far (right) wing, and the other starts at the tail. The reason for this is the plane is flying almost exactly perpendicular to the sun, so the contrail on the near side was in shadow. This effect is observed all the time, but I...
  2. Mick West

    Double "Black Beam" Contrail Edge Shadow over Mt Shasta

    An unusual double edge shadow. Since the positioning of the contrails relative to the sun is important, it's rare to get two at once. Unfortunately only got some iPhone photos through the car windscreen. Later a large dark beam was pointing directly at Mt Shasta, which looked quite dramatic.
  3. Mick West

    Contrail Shadowing another Contrail

    From Harrison Jones, via Twitter. A plane casts a contrail while flying in the shadow of another contrail during the sunset tonight near McSherrystown ... it was looking west at 5:51 PM from a spot around 39.818610, -77.038697 5:51 PM is 22:51 UTC Dec 22, 2015. I initially suspect these...
  4. Mick West

    Dark Beam in front of a Contrail, Massa, Italy [Edge Shadow]

    This is an excellent example of a contrail edge shadow in Italy. Edge shadows happen when a part of a contrail is lined up with the sun (from the point of view of the observer). This creates a slab of shadow through the haze, and the observer sees it edge on, so it looks like a dark beam...
  5. S

    Persistent Spreading Contrail

    How long can a persistent spreading contrail last? Can there be a contrail shadow with a spreading contrail?
  6. S

    Contrail shadow

    Hello, A very simple question from a layman, can a contrail form shadows? I am asking because someone just made a statement on FB saying " If two shadows are formed from the trail of a plane it has to be a chemtrail because if it was only water vapor shadows can't form. Is that correct?
  7. Lisa P

    "Black Beam" Contrail Shadow, Sunshine Coast, Australia

    I may of found my problem thinking in why I can't see that the beam I witnessed could have been a contrail shadow. I imagined the light from the sun as coming from the small sphere of the sun that I see. I can see by your drawing I am seeing it wrong. Okay I am getting closer to understanding...