Contrail Shadowing another Contrail

Mick West

Staff member

From Harrison Jones, via Twitter.

A plane casts a contrail while flying in the shadow of another contrail during the sunset tonight near McSherrystown ... it was looking west at 5:51 PM from a spot around 39.818610, -77.038697
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5:51 PM is 22:51 UTC Dec 22, 2015.

I initially suspect these two: The red line shows the sunset as per Suncalc.
Hmm, perhaps should have looked at the distance first. That's about 110 miles.

Update from Harrison:
It was a bit of a crop in from full-frame 200mm, the closest plane is about 5 pixels wide when you zoom in the whole way

Definitely seems like the right direction since they were slightly left of the sunset from my view
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