1. Tapir-mâché

    Curious-- how low can persistent contrails form?

    Please forgive me if I've overlooked the answer to this, but I've been lurking for a bit and something piqued my curiosity. (Also, this might belong in rambles, but I'm not able to post there yet.) So, while I don't believe in chemtrails myself, I know one of the arguments used by believers is...
  2. C

    Interesting observation of moon light phenomena i can't find the answer to ????

    It was around 3:00 am at night ,,It was cool breeze so I went to rooftop with my binoculars and Android phone just to lay down and enjoy the breeze , I watched the moon it was brighter than usual there were clouds moving dark and light both I recorded the moon then paused recording when clouds...
  3. D

    [MoreInfoNeeded]Germany NewsTV: Explanation for radar cloud

    Hi, I ve been into the chemtrail stuff lately, and trying to get into the discussions with several different people I know personally. There is one particular thing that I find hard to explain. When a cloud was spotted on radar and brought up by a newsTV show in Germany, it gave the...
  4. N

    Debunked: Nuclear cloud on Indian Mars Orbiter image

    When i first saw the article earlier today...I fell for it rather quickly,that is until i did some investigasting.. UFO buffs claim this formation on the surface of...
  5. Stephanie

    Cloud Shadow?

    Pictures taken Saturday morning about an hour before sunrise. The first picture looked like a blue horseshoe shape. While I was waiting on sunrise I kept watching it and it looked like the horseshoe shape turned white and "broke off" even though it was already "off". Is this a shadow it's...
  6. MikeC

    Awesome cloud timelapse

    Waves, mamatus, more waves.....this has everything a "believer" needs to be scared of!!