1. Mendel

    Debunked: Radar Waves Affect Clouds

    Claim Source: [1:40] If radio waves and radar haven't got any effect, pretty coincidental these two different areas in Western Australia pushing the clouds out or stopping them from coming in, whichever way it goes. The radar images in the video come from the...
  2. Trailblazer

    2012 Western Australia "meteor" identified? (contrail)

    While looking for images of the meteor seen over Arizona this morning, I happened to come across this story of a supposed meteor trail seen near Perth in June 2012: Meteor plunges into...
  3. txt29

    Claim: harvesting energy from Schumann resonances and Earth's EM field (ADGEX)

    ADGEX, an Australian geoengineering company with Russian roots, seeks investors and sells free energy products, where they claim the device harvests energy from Schumann resonances and from Earth's magnetic field. While debunking Steorn's Orbo free energy scam, I have shown the evidence that...
  4. Trailblazer

    Unusual contrail in Australia

    Another interesting sunset contrail. Any thoughts what might give it this appearance? It almost looks like mammatus! This trail was apparently photographed around sunset on December 16 in Queensland. Sunset was at 18:40...
  5. Lisa P

    Plane over Wodonga, Australia [Aircalin A330]

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, please move it if required. A person has posted these photos on CGS f/b page and corresponded it to the incorrect aircraft on flightradar. I am positive it is not a beech300 but maybe 727?? This is the problem when you give people a tool and they...
  6. Trailblazer

    Jellyfish clouds over South Australia (altocumulus floccus)

    These pictures are doing the rounds on Facebook, along with spurious commentary about "geoengineering": These are a form of altocumulus castellanus floccus commonly known as "jellyfish clouds". They are...
  7. Whitebeard

    Claim - 'Sydney Chocolate Shop is a False Flag'

    News of this one i just breaking, but already the CT crowd are leaping on another band wagon. The guy has asked for an ISIS flag. He only brought along the MUSLIM Standard. The flag that he has is false...