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    Maybe Moore OK needs several of those.
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    Yukky. :(
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    Morgellons disease is considered to be: "According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (Pearson, et al., 2012, reference below), "This condition is not currently recognized as a distinct clinical disorder with established diagnostic criteria that are generally accepted by the medical community and many dermatologists consider the condition to be synonymous with delusional parasitosis (DP). To date, most of what is known about the condition is based on isolated case reports or anecdotal accounts. A range of potential infectious (e.g., Lyme disease, parasitic) and non-infectious causes has been postulated, but the etiology of this condition remains unknown and there have been no proven effective medical therapies." http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=154893

    Someone is out to make a buck ($159 to be precise) off those poor [...] folk. Check out that website for other sensational cures for this horrible malady.


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    How the hell have I survived without THIS......


    ....I know where my next $197 is going!!

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    Life is what happens to you when you're planning to jump.
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    Advanced Ghost Hunting Kit | $259.95

    …-standing paranormal phenomena. This kit includes: Trifield MeterPortable Motion SensorEVP ListenerDigital Local Remote ThermometerLaser IR ThermometerDeluxe Carrying Case to keep it all together
    Related Searches: Ghost Hunting | Ghost Lab Ghost Hunting Kits | Magnets

    NOT to be confused with......

    Goat Hunting Gear List for Alaska

    Author: Cabela's Staff
    This gear list will get you prepared for your big hunting trip for goats in Alaska.

    Sleeping Bag—A good, quality constructed sleeping bag rated to -20. Mummy style bags are preferable since they pack into smaller spaces and retain more body heat than conventional box designed bags.
    Hunting Boots—Ankle support and good traction are the two main requirements in a rugged mountain hunting boot.
    Camp Shoes—For lounging around the lodge after the day’s excursion, or gathering wood behind the tent, a comfortable set of camp shoes will be welcomed by your tired feet.
    Underlayer—Since weather in Alaska is often the epitome of extremes, plan on hunting conditions that range from -20 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Layering is the key to meeting these ever changing conditions. Avoid cotton items next to your skin and start with a good, perspiration wicking underlayer.
    Shirt—A warm, quick drying shirt is perfect for layering over your thermals.
    Pants—Comfortable, windproof pants are great for layering or wearing around camp.
    Insulation—After a good base of moisture wicking long underwear, an insulating layer that can be removed or added depending upon the conditions should follow.
    Outerwear—To top everything off, Alaskan Hunters will need an outer shell that is warm, waterproof, breathable and quiet.
    Rainwear—For an extra measure of protection against rain, bring along rubber rainwear to use while sitting.
    Insect Proof—Depending upon the time of the year, biting flies and mosquitoes may be a problem.
    Headwear—Since the human body losses over 30% of its heat through the head, a hat or stocking cap is useful for regulating your body temperature as well as staying warm in frigid conditions.
    Socks—In order to keep your feet warm, comfortable and blister free, a combination of quality socks should be worn. For a normal weeklong hunt, six pairs of each should be brought.
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    Holy cow. That's all i can say ... holy cow. Is he saying he can show us how to transition into other dimensions and meet our "other" selves in those dimensions?
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    "keeps the POE flowing"? Like in Dr. Strangelove? Purity of Essense? Or it's a poe. Makes me giggle no matter what it's supposed to be.
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    It plugs into the wall, do they have the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) seal of approval? I guess if you've already jumped off the cliff, that wouldn't really matter any way.;)
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    I thought this might fit into the discussion.
    picture from Cheezburger.com
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    I want one!..shaped like a turtle with a jetpack. ; p

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    This is really sad!!!:( How to protect unsophisticated, vulnerable people without taking away a certain amount of freedom of choice?? . . . . Seems some of this is simple fraud. . . consumer protection agencies need to investigate and at least give warnings and recommendations which have to accompany the Ads . . .
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    Best infomercial line ever "you're going to love my nuts."
    In case you haven't seen it.
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    Disarms predatory forms of Life? wow! I'd be sold if it didn't awaken my innate psychic senses; I don't eant to KNOW the predatory form of life is actually out there! How is that supposed to help the chronic nightmares? : (
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    I liked this reference from this site:

    "Gerald O'Donnell - Leading expert in the military science of Remote Viewing"

    New one on me, but Id rather use a UAV....
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    HHO generators that people add to their cars which are said to increase the burn efficiency of gasoline.
    The claim makes sense on the surface, and would actually work, except that converting to hydrogen in the car takes extra energy.
    Couple of other debunk links
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    Rumor is that this device is even better than Snake Oil, though less so than Orgonite for all that ails you, it even can help with weight loss, as your wallet will feel so much lighter!



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    Part of John Oliver's segment that covers how Alex Jones

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    “you're gonna slap away every day”
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    Kangen water purifiers - all the rage around certain circles I encounter. Three thousand bucks. Sold by pyramid scheme. Supposedly makes the water more alkaline, which is (supposedly) good for you.


    Nice article: www.lazymanandmoney.com/kangen-water-scam/
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    (** a small acoustic actuator, about $3 US each, on alibaba)

    $ 2.4 million raised through crowdfunding.

    The debunk....
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    Actually, "IF" it cancelled any nearby noise.... this is not demonstrated very well in any reviews of the product or verified by owners/reviewers' ears....as reported by what I found in social media.

    In most modes, what it does..... is add OTHER noise or sounds to mask the unwanted noise. I got a different impression from the promo video -- that is "cancelled noise".
    This is like the old standard home-remodeling trick of adding a noisy water fountain on the patio, to drown-out the car traffic from a nearby road.
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    It shouldn't be too hard to demonstrate possible noise cancellation, based on "reversed vibrations" (or is it ?)
    Common use of a vibrating tuning fork is to place it against a hollow guitar body or placed against your skull bone (just next to your ear lobe).
    An easy-to-get tuning fork is in the note of "A" @ 440 hz.
    ...where it is placed on top of a thin table-top or window (like the suggested Muzo placement(s))
    An audible sensor (contact mic) could detect the vibrations of the surface, then flip the signal 180 deg....theoretically canceling the vibration movement if an equal vibration is applied with a speaker or "actuator".
    But I don't think an analog sensor is able to catch-up with the actual (re)verberations, in real time. A digital sampling of the constant vibrations might help, and help predict only a steady tone/vibration.
    In the analog world, is seems to me, that the conversion of cancellation would lag by a few milliseconds, thereby be not truly useful.
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    Here's an old one, began around 2014...and eventually raised $500k through paypal, but never delivered.

    Cicret Bracelet
    ....claimed to be able to project a plethora of apps on your forearm, from a bracelet....even in daylight.

    Here's the thorough debunk....

    "As seen on Snopes !!"
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    Here's some kitchen gadgets.
    And while they don't claim to preform miracles, they preform less than the usefulness they promote.....
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    Isn't the plethora of any of these devices becoming more common, because of....
    1) The keen popularity of innovative devices that accomplish menial tasks with seemingly minimal work ? (a novelty displayed or conveyed on social media) plus...
    2) Something that technology created never before seen or imagined? (there are a few winners)
    3) Product ease-of-design using CAD/CAM/Autodesk, etc... ?
    4) Get-rich schemes.
    5) Precursors or models towards AI ?

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