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    Kennedy doesn't say it so boldly, but does say a similar thing to the quote. It is also not 7 days before his death but 7 weeks.
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    BTW, "spelt" is a wheat... We can all see you guys have a thesaurus but how about a dictionary. Lol.
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    as I said earlier:

  6. If the quote was written in a book by an author or written by someone who heard JFK say it then it would be more legitimate.

    As it is, Mick is right that it has no known history or origin.
    I saw someone blathering about "believing everything you read," meanwhile the same person is fighting for the legitimacy of a quote that has no documented origin.

    Mick is the only one being sensible on this thread. The rest of you look like Pussy Riot on Meth.

    Read the argument and debate from there instead of making accusations and having two unrelated arguments about spelling.
    Need I point out that in both spelling incidents it was the trollish accuser who was in the wrong.
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    Here's all ten times Kennedy has used the term "enslave" while President:

    And the two times he used "plot"
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    Debunked I think not, more like preserving the Disinformation status.
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    Mick, would you please tell me why you are helping to destroy the world?
    Think your soul likes that?
    Doesn't matter If he said that Quote infront of a microfon, he was definitely thinking it, otherwise he wouldn't have replaced the Federal Reserve Note against a United States Note for the first time since this private fake money, which now rules the world, was established in 1912 under mystical circumstances.
    There are people who hold the power of the money, therefore over the politicians, therefore over the media, and therefore over you and the entire world, and they are destroying it because of this system they created. Wake the fuck up dude, and don't be such a petty prick.
    Put your energy into saving the world, it can only be good for you, If you are smart enough to understand, instead of over eagerly trying to be a smart ass "don't further your causes with stuff that wakes people up"
    Like I said, it doesn't matter if he said it or not. Those people hold the power over google etc. as well. What the hell do think dude? They want to keep they power. How do you think they succeeded in doing so since 1912? By handing out smarties?
    Sorry for being so harsh.
    Have a good one.

    History of an Economic Hitman
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    The point of my post was to demonstrate that he did not say it. Maybe you can read the mind of a man who died 50 years ago. I cannot.
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    Yeah, it kinda does, if you want proof of the claim that -he said that-

    Otherwise you're lying in your claim that he said it.

    You're also lying to another fellow being and seeker of truth and justice. That hurts your soul.
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    Nice work Mic, I like your logic about scanning old books etc.
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    Sorry. But I find both conspiracy theorists and debunkers to be EXACTLY the same people. Both support different theories, true. However, both have plenty in common: they twist or outright misinterpret the facts; they find what will fit their argument and ignore all else; they are stubborn to the point of being irrational; they dismiss those who don't believe as they do with (if not disdain / contempt or panic) condescension and an air of long-suffering. There's more, but it will change nothing. There are plenty of others with the same tendencies including Left-Wing versus Right-Wing (on virtually EVERY political issue)....and of course....Religious Denominations of ALL stripes. So to keep things hopping, here's something else to debunk:


    Thank you for your time as well as your attention and consideration in this matter.
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    There is actually and you can download the orginal recordings to listn to it. You sir are spreading lies!!!!!
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    Can you link to the recording, and tell us the time at which he says this? Because I think you are mistaken, and are just referring to the speech where he refers to communism as a "monolithic and ruthless conspiracy".

    He never said anything like THIS quote.
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    Firstly, elitist bankers and communism are poles apart, to suggest they started the communist movement in america is absurd. Secondly, "the words of that quote is truth", no, it is probably truth, not definitely; and statements like that are why people find it so easy to undermine conspiracy THEORIES (the clue is in the tittle). Thirdly, by saying "I could care less" you are saying that you DO care, not that you don't, that is not a grammatical error it is saying the exact opposite of what you are trying to say. Fourthly, I happen to know that none of the human beings alive in 1776 were alive in 1913, and if you are suggesting that the British control the federal reserve then you clearly haven't noticed that the USA is way more powerful than Britain. Finally, yes, JFK was referring to communism every time (on record) that he uses the word "conspiracy", that's not putting words in his mouth, just being aware of the political situation at the time.
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    Absolutely! What would happen if Americans demanded the abolition of the Federal Reserve?
  19. Mick West

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    How are they going to do that?

    Name one thing that Americans have ever "demanded".

    The only way the federal reserve is going to be abolished is if a presidential candidate runs on the platform of abolishing it. Ron Paul tried it, and was rejected. Of course conspiracy theorists say this is all part of the conspiracy. But maybe there was some degree of people just not liking Ron Paul's policies?
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    Sorry my brothers and sisters, you have to let this one go.

    I am definatley a "conspiracy theorist", but not because I'm angry at the world and want to blame something. What the admin has done here is a wonderful thing... He has cleared away some of the crud that is endlessly flung at you in your search for truth. Don't hate him for it! Thank him for it, you ingrates.

    Someone falsley lending a name with gravity to a quote they wish to resonate is the last thing you should be wanting or defending. That is something all facist regimes have done in order to further their own agendas, and is a hell of a bad starting point if you want change. Lies like this will only lead to faux revolutions. This is basic Orwell here guys, come on... What did Winston do? He re-wrote the past to suit the current goals of the party. Do you really want to have any part of such evil tactics?

    Truth, for truth's sake. Truth is it's own end. This is not a war of opinions, this is a war for our very humanity, and pure, honed truth is the first weapon we need to wield. If half the conspiracy theorists out there had half the follow through that the admin does, we'd be bloody done by now.

    Ben Skinner, Australia (Screw anonymity)
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    Spelled vs. spelt

    In American English, spelt primarily refers to the hardy wheat grown mostly in Europe, and the verb spell makes spelled in the past tense and as a past participle. In all other main varieties of English, spelt and spelled both work as the past tense and past participle of spell, at least where spell means to form words letter by letter or (with out) to make clear. Outside the U.S., the two forms are interchangeable in these senses, and both are commonly used.
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    To say that nobody exists who even suggests they think they heard someone say they heard it is a real stretch. It is very possible that someone does exist who has either heard it or knows someone who heard it, but they are simply living out there lives in some quiet town somewhere.
  23. Mick West

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    Sure, but you could say that about anything, any quote. For example, maybe Kennedy said this quote:

    Maybe he said that too, or any number of an infinite things that anyone can just make up.

    The entire point here is that there is no evidence that he said it.
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    Idk, I'm starting to feel a bit enslaved these days maybe it wasn't bs
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    The unregistered commenter is correct. I stopped reading 3/4 down however..
    The corrupt banksters(rothschild family ect) and rulers of the "free world" could have easily removed this speech or something to that effect,from society. So that no one opens their eyes. There's a reason for everything and what you and I think we believe isn't always the case. If FBI( and civilians) can add edit or delete info on wiki ... If the us gov can destroy documents that incriminate them.. Do you see my point?
    There is far more evil than good it seems in this world and if this JFK quote is actually fake,so be it. Let it join the ranks of every news broadcast on tv. Every radio station. Every newspaper. Every mother who was told her soldier died for "freedom"
    Don't believe the lies a corrupt "pod" spews.
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    [This page is wack ... Do ppl really use this as a reference ... I mean there pulling info to debunk it from the INTERNET ! REALLY LOL GOD U PPL SEEN THE COMMERCIAL WHERE THE GIRL THINKS INTERNET IS A GOOD SOURCE OF INFO ?And she was being dUped!? hahaha pretty much what this site is .... i mean believe what u want , but idc who these ppl are i wouldn't trust what they fucking say ...Did they know the president ? No so unless he comes back from the grave i dont believe he didnt
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  27. Just wanted to say hello to the unregistered commenter guy on the page. Keep up the good work.
  28. After reading this entire thread, im left with one question: do the ends justify the means?
    If they do, then I see nothing wrong with misattributing quotes in order to lend a message power, infringing on civil liberties to make our society more safe, and any other practice that would, "destroy the village to save it." On the other hand, if the means take priority, it becomes harder to justify taking the expedient approach. One of these ideologies is a tyrants best friend, the other is a roadmap to a more genuine society.

    Comically ironic is the call of those who, in one breath, would condemn the power structure, or NWO if you prefer, for its ruthless allegience to the ends, while advocating for that same practice the next time they exhale.
    If the forces that control the world are as powerful as the Alex Jones' of the world would have u believe, we have no hope of defeating them. Our only saving grace will b an allegience to the principals of truth, integrity, and self-respect.

    Oh...and all you grammer nazi's need to go sell that crap in an english class. everytime you attack someone's spelling, all your saying is, "Im not smart enough to come up with a legitimate counter-argument, so I'll just act like a little kid and pretend that im psychologically-dominant because I write accoding to "the rules."

    Lets evolve past this pettiness, lets find a way to fight back with dignity.

    Robert Combs
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    Mick, I appreciate what you are doing here and I feel sorry for the people commenting who just can't seem to wrap their minds around the purpose of debunking this quote. I like the quote, I am not going to assume that JFK held this opinion just because it sounds good. There is no source and there for it is debunked. Move on people : )
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    CIA has been known for redacting information from the register for years. The fact you can't find the source might be considered by some to be clear evidence of a coverup. It is very interesting to me how popular the word coverup is...
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    maybe your brain automatically made the correction...as posted it reads..."nolbe'...
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    Communism was certainly no secret to the public at the time of JFK's speech. On the other hand, Zionism, the CFR, ADL, AIPAC, RIIA, Club of Rome, Committee of 300, Bilderbergs and Skull and Bones were largely unknown. Eisenhower warned the public about the threat from the military industrial complex. Commies? Perhaps, but not in the sense of Castro's regime. Connect the dots.

    Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

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    I do not like this sort of falsehood spread across the social media. It would appear that anyone can make something up, attribute it to a prominent figure and get away with libel.

    From research I have carried out independent of this site, it would appear that this is yet another political hoax and JFK never said this or anything like it in any of his speeches.
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    Lol !!!!! :)
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    Hang in there Mick. It looks like there are plenty of [people] who will believe anything they read on the internet. If JFK had said that, we'd have heard of it looooong before now.

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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdUsJHeVXiE Is this not JFK? It basically says the same thing as the quote too.
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    Why is the picture static? Nothing there to say that HE said that.
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    I think Mick is the only sane one that's posted here.....
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    This thread is a window into a world even more frightening than the secret Rothschild-funded, CIA-run brainwashing prisons in the basement of the Federal Reserve. Mick, my man, how on earth do you survive in here?

    What surprises me (probably not you) is that almost no one here has provided any content related to the original question of where this quote comes from. Instead, it seems like we're stuck in the epistemological Twilight Zone: What does it mean for something to be true? Does truth even matter?

    Props to the [conspiracy] people, though. You guys write incredible stuff!
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