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  1. iain carstairs

    iain carstairs New Member

    If anyone can find a NATO country which can be entered into YouTube or the web alongside the word "chemtrails" and not have any search results come back, please let me know - I want to move there. I'm prepared to offer a worthwhile prize to whoever finds such a country - serious. maybe a bottle of whiskey, or something useful.

    Just find me a NATO country without chemtrails - or even any reasonably western one (I've heard China and Russia are chemtrail free, apparently, but I can't imagine living in either place).

    I'm utterly sick of not seeing blue skies!
  2. Danny55

    Danny55 Member

    Perhaps someone could provide an analysis of what you call "chemtrails" showing that they indeed contain chemicals...other than the normal chemicals found after the combustion of hydrocarbons. I will, similarly, provide a bottle of whisky.
  3. iain carstairs

    iain carstairs New Member

    What I mean is, find a single country where people aren't getting angry and surprised by long white turds laid across the sky which THEY can see are a new phenomenon to THEM. You can easily read about the aluminum and barium etc found in rainwate, elsewhere. People are getting angry, and all the shills are doing, I'm afraid to say, is making the problem seem even bigger than it is. The sensible thing for the government and media to do would be to just ignore it. There's nothing more suspicious than the sound of a crash upstairs followed by a child saying "There's nothing wrong!!"

    All this brick-wall "duh, I don't understand.. tell me all about it again... the way I asked 200 other people to tell me all about it again... and then I can say the same thing: it's just condensation!" denial just makes the problem seem even bigger than it already is, and the people you're trying to stall more irritated and more anxious to bring the farce to the attention of others. In one day on my S&R blog, the chemtrail post had 2,300 hits.

    I worked outdoors in December and was with a team who hadn't heard about chemtrails. One of them, his dad had been talking about it for ages. I showed him some activity overhead and he started to watch out for it when he went on hunting days. Anyway, he saw it, and felt it probably was some weather mod stuff.

    He posted some photos on twitter, which he'd just joined, and got jumped by a shill. The next day he said, "who are these weird gits who tell me what I saw didn't happen?" He was now really suspicious! He's since been talking to everyone he's been working with. You've made what might have been a manageable problem, grow into a whole new shape, and for that, I suppose, people who do care about the future of the human race, about the environment, people who don't sell out their own species for kicks, should be thanking you.
  4. HappyMonday

    HappyMonday Moderator

    I don't think you really understand the meaning of the word 'shills' do you? People who disagree with you are only shills if they're PAID to disagree with you.

    People become angry and frightened when fruits like you are duped into spreading nonsense created by the unscrupulous originators of hoaxes to manipulate the fearful into handing over money, just like snake-oils peddlers have been doing for thousands of years.

    Your eulogising is tiresome, please stick to the facts, and respond substantively to the criticism of your claims in the other thread bearing your name.
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  5. Rico

    Rico Active Member

    Just pick a place with minimal to no air traffic if you are worried.

    (places with the least yellow dots ;))

    As for China? I hear they have 'weather modification' there. Heard they seeded them clouds during the Beijing Olympics too, scared yet? But truth be told, you'll see the same skies everywhere you go so long as jets and high altitude aircraft fly over it. I frequently travel to China, and I see the same skies, albeit more polluted.
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  6. hemi

    hemi Active Member

    There are none.

    As far as China and Russia go...

    There was a claim doing the rounds a while back that Iran and Cuba were 'chemtrail' free -- of course, a bit of searching showed that persistent contrails appear over these countries as well.

    Basically, if a nation has any air-traffic going over it, it's going to have people claiming it's been 'sprayed by chemtrails'.
  7. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    Go to a country where brain-washing by internet rumour doesn't exist.

    pretty sure the Japanese actually have an aesthetic appreciation of their contrails, so that fits the description. Move to Japan.

    If your implying that of us, you're [wrong]
    What 'kicks', would that be exactly?
  8. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Since there are exactly zero countries that have no overflying traffic, then it's a pointless exercise.

    Iain, let's try instead to identify some of the planes in your photos. Perhaps by you posting the original photos, time and locations in the other thread?

    I'm closing this tread, as everyone agrees with there being no NATO (or other) countries that don't have persistent contrails.
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