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    Curious if this is accurate:
    It seems to me that people shouldn't even have to debate the facts that these theories and simulations are based on.

    Either it had shear studs or it didn't. And NIST was being paid to find and report the facts, not play games with: "Studs were not indicated on the design drawings for many of the core girders." vs. "...for the girders." Or is Griffin distorting the truth? Seems unlikely.
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    Thank you mynym.

    Its a bit off this topic but very well known to genuine WTC7 mystery researchers. As you say, NIST needed shear studs to be absent on that girder to even come close to making their theory work. That could be another reason why they now refuse to release the full set of drawings. Fortunately, Salverinas, who worked for Frankel, had a set of drawings that he used in presentations used to tour the Country.

    The powerpoint slides of those drawings, which were found on-line, show studs on all elements on all floors - which is what building professionals all tell us would have to be the case.

    That guy would not have risked ridicule from his audience of professionals on those tours if he had left studs off a transitional girder where different orientated floor pans met. There would have been questions from the floor at first sight of that slide

    But as I say, its off topic here and may be better fully examined in a different thread.

    Good spot though.