Russia Predicts US Will Use Fake Chemical Attack In Syria as Pretext for Missile Attacks

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A series of stories from Russia Today (RT) seem to be leading up to something, one version of the story a day, for four days: ( ( ( (
It's a remarkably specific prediction:
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Hmm, a search of RT for "Chemical" reveals the follow up stories: ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Quite a barrage! These later stories clarify that Russia claims that the US will USE a fake attack, not directly create one, except by indirect encouragement. (I'll edit the headline to reflect this)
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In the case of the B-1B Lancer it is strange how the Russian MoD is not informing Russia Today that it was just one B-1B replacing another?

One B-1B call sign MYTEE13 last week flew from US to Qatar. The B-1B that it was replacing call sign MYTEE12 diverted into RAF Mildenhall, UK as it returned from Qatar.

Both B-1Bs fully tracked by aviation enthusiasts using High Frequency communications.

The returning B-1B landing at RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk UK due to a technical problem.

Image at following link.


The B-1Bs rotating to and from Qatar is a perfectly routine event.

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The comments on that page make interesting reading.
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I find all this quite remarkable. If there is a chemical weapons attack in Syria then it will be a high level false flag attack. Either (as RT claims) it's the US-backed rebels staging the attack as a pretext to attack Damascus, or (as seems more likely to me) it's the Russian-backed Syrian government carrying out an actual attack to provoke a US response to bolster local (Syrian) support for the attacks on Idlib.

Other possibilities are that it's all just talk to distract from the the Idlib offensive — with the constant barrage of accusations having the same effect as actual events. Or it might be a more complex plot, yet to become clear.

RT/Russia predict the event for sometime today. It's currently morning in the US, approaching evening in Syria.
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Opposing takes from Western media: ( (
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(Note for non-US readers, State Senators, especially from small states like Virginia, are local politicians with little national relevance).

Black is a very strong supporter of RT.
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The "Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria" has a light Wikipedia page:
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