Role reversal challenge: Disprove we are not "in the Matrix"


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But you are begging the question, by assuming that there are other people at all. If solipsism is true, then there is only one consciousness being (me, of course ;-) ) Any result of any test would have to be an illusion created by "my" mind.

That was the point of this philosopher's joke:

In a sense, our visual experience of the world is a kind of simulation. We have the impression of a widescreen, full colour, 3D vista in front of us.

Yet we only see a tiny area near the centre of the visual field sharply and in colour, and even that blanks out momentarily when we move our eyes. And there's the blind spot where the optical nerve attaches to the optic disk. The visual system in the brain fudges up our visual field and hides all this from us in everyday life.

Maybe the simulation could work the same way, only giving full detail where any simulated person is actually looking?

And perhaps the simulators have a special department dedicated to thwarting testers like the University of Bonn team, adding more "processing power" and "resolution" whenever such a test is attempted?

In a way, this makes the simulators very like the capricious gods of Homeric and classical Greece, rather than the omni-benevolent god of judeo-christian belief.


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Ramana Maharshi:

allison kaas

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Why would "any civilisation of sufficient size and intelligence eventually create a simulation universe if such a thing were possible"? This appears to have been asserted without any supporting argument.
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