Rectangular building type objects on the surface of the moon [Like the Triangle]

James Adams

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After seeing the report about the supposed secret base on the moon I have been looking for evidence for myself. Using google earth and searching zoomed up on the moon model I came across a cluster of rectangular shaped objects that look very similar to the way buildings look when viewing the earth model, I am not saying that is what they are I am claiming that they look like a building complex, the coords are as follows: (25'50' 55.09" N 147'18'00.42" on the moon model) take a look and see what you think. I have not found any other place thus far that has similar features but the surface of the moon is huge so I just may be missing something. No real debunking to be done here but it's not publicly shared info yet so the cooks haven't had time to make anything up yet.
retangular object on the moon.jpg
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