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Hi all,

I'm interested in the experts opinions on this. I'm no advocate of either side and I'm hoping my questions can clear up some questions posted. I've been filming some of these trails and haven't come across the answers to some of these questions (forgive me if it's been addressed).

My first question is around cloud formation. Chemtrail theory is, 'if the trails disappear, its a contrail, if they don't and tend to linger on, they are a chemtrail'.
This was a trail filmed on 6 November by myself - - (Yes they are the same clouds throughout, I made sure of that). In this example it shows how clouds were built up from around this trail. I just want to know what the science is behind this? Yes, I understand weather plays a part in making trails stay behind, but I want to know specifically what the science is behind clouds forming to such a degree as shown at 4:30pm in picture 3.

Second question - In understanding that ground + air temperature is different, however, would we see these types of trails (as shown in the picture) stay behind in the desert?


Mick West

Staff member
It's a little hard to tell in your photos if the clouds do all come from contrails. I suspect some of them might have formed naturally.

The science can seem a little complicated, but basically ice clouds can GROW at 70% humidity, but FORM at 100% humidity. The contrail temporarily raised the local humidity to above 100%, creating a vast amount of ice nuclei, which then grow and spread.

For hard science, see:

And yes, it's quite possible to see such trails in the desert. It's always cold enough at some level, and is often humid enough. So if you are occasionally seeing natural clouds, then there's enough moisture for contrails to form (it just needs to be at the right altitude).

Jay Reynolds

Senior Member.
It would have been much better to have a slow motion video to show a time lapse. Your series of pictures span 4 hours. There is a 3 hour gap in your series. A series of photos every few minutes would be better. I think you are trying to show a contrail that persists for 4 hours as it drifts towards your location, and that is certainly possible. If you could give the location, it might be possible to view a satellite image or weather data during the time period.

You show two pictures at 4:30, which one is picture 3?

There are clouds at different levels in your photos, some near and some far. Some of the clouds are cumulus, some are cirrus, some are probably 100 miles away, while some are quite near. There is insufficient data for me to determine much about your series of photos.

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