Metabunk Tools List and Links

Mick West

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SITREC: A suite of tools for visualizing and analyzing various situations, videos, images, and 3D data

GIMBAL: A tool to replicate and analyze the ATFLIR camera motion in the Gimbal video

REFRACTION. Simulated atmospheric refraction for a range of situations

CURVE: Calculator for Earth's curve, the horizon drop, how much of an object is hidden, etc.

ZIPBY: Simulates flying past a stationary object like a balloon at high speed

KML: Adds view fustrums, with photos, and other useful things to a KML file

GAS: Simulates of the movement of gas molecules, demonstrating how a planet maintains an atmosphere

GEMAKER: Generates Google Earth files for a straight line at constant altitude.

MUNGE: Extracts simple 3D Collada model from SAP2000 $2k files (For the Hulsey WTC7 Study)

VIRUS: Simulation the spread of a virus in a population (Written during 2020 lockdown)

RADIUS: Given observations of how much of a distant object is obscured, calculate the approximate radius of the earth

FLAT: Shows the shortest distance between two point on a Globe and a "Flat Earth" map.

DELOG: Takes a graph in logarithmic scale and converts it to linear.

SFA: Small, or Far Away. Calculates the size of an object from pixel count, given FOV and resolution
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