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Another bright idea from the chemtrail movement to bring it to the attention of influential people

As well as mining data and collecting donations, naturally -


This POWERFUL NEW Documentary explores GeoEngineering, SRM, Solar radiation Management, Weather Modification and "chemtrails" and introduces to the public to new way to protest and petition this dangerous initiative by using the all new mobile app SkyderALERT. Put an end to this potentially catastrophic program.

Look UP. Get the APP. Save the World.
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Apr 29, 2013

Telly Award® winning Director George Barnes, releases a new environmental documentary film today that has scenes filmed in various parts of Palm Beach County (as well as other parts of the country)… But prepare yourselves… You may not like what you are going to see. Last summer while testing a new motion picture camera George made an accidental, and terrifying discovery.

"… as I played the time-lapse footage backward I found the grey sky was entirely created by military jets flying in a grid pattern over my house, and that the condensation trails they left behind did not evaporate as normal jet contrails do. I had a news producer look into this phenomenon, and what was uncovered turned my world upside down," said Barnes.
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i wish they would take their own advice and follow the money.....

I'm sure they already do. With the donate buttons and dvd sales on their site and $2 dollars for their app they surely hope to follow the money right to their own bank accounts. A few thousand purchases of the app will result in thousands of dollars income. Hence the desire to proselytise the hoax to as wide an audience as possible. The more folks they can get concerned and paranoid about ice crystals, the more cash they can potentially make.
The app constitutes pointless harassment of govt officials. It's no different to an app that sends photos of boat wakes to govt officials and demands that boats not make wakes.
For FREE anyone can take a photo of a contrail with their phone and forward it to a bemused govt rep.
Even better for free on the net they can look at historic photos and see what they are photographing is perfectly normal.


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What i meant was i wish the CTers would follow the real money trail, which shows many of the name recognized 'awake' people to be turning a good profit from their fear mongering.