Is bill S.968 really a gov't blacklist bill ?


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The bill........

....because many feel it is a bill to reduce free expression, and gov't targeted censorship.

The above ideas are making the rounds in the OWS (Occupy) movement, as if it will act as a limited shutdown of internet traffic to limit the spread of anti-gov't ideas and protest seen in other worldwide protests/actions.....commonly called an "internet kill switch".

Jay Reynolds

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The Bill looks to me like it's really designed to block pirate sites overseas infringing on US copyrights.

Many of the Occupiers don't respect private property and think they can take what belongs to others if they please. They would naturally want to stop any law which makes it harder to steal and see the law as an impediment to what they feel is theirs for the taking.

I think that's part of what they are saying, plus the CT nature of the Occupiers tends to lead them to connect the dots the way those people do. When I read the full text at opencongress and read the actual comments inserted by other readers, practically all were questions, and very few had clear objections. I know these bills are full of legalese and don't declare to understand all of the very complex terminology.

In general I am more pleased when the bulk of these laws fail to pass. The less statutes we have the better, leave these things up to courts and existing laws. I believe that diluting the power of laws is a good thing so that matters which have substanial gray areas can be worked out on a case-by-case basis. Still, this Bill seems to deal with foreign sites, and the few domestic sites that link to them. I dont go to pirate sites full of virii anyways. If the Occupiers want to go I'm sure they will find a way to go steal stuff somewhere.