Interesting example of balloons? drifting by a building


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Above Atlanta GA, last night, at sunset looking West.

It was small but looking at it and squinting a little, it seemed pretty clear to me that it was just a bundle of (black?) balloons from the Pride event going on.

They drifted in very slowly from the left to the right, then behind the tall building (I'm pretty sure, but it could have been just obscured by the fading light and contrast from the sunset and not behind it) then shot upwards surprisingly quickly until it either popped or just was obscured by the clouds. It took me a sec to get my phone out of my pocket. There are two videos because I stopped to increase the exposure and check focus then started recording again, which in hindsight I could have done while it was recording. I missed when it shot upwards near the top of the building.

I thought it was a nice example of something moving somewhat quickly and suddenly. My guess is the AC fans at the top of that building (Rabobank International?) were blowing it upwards. The only slightly odd thing is that building is a bit far from the park but the whole city was celebrating Pride so balloons and things were all over the place.

Note, I did use pass-thru video encoding just to remove the audio from the video's since it was just really loud music.

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 10.46.51.png
I just realized I posted the same video twice by mistake. Here's the second one:
Sorry, but even zoomed in I don't see a darn thing. That's even less than being in the Low Information Zone.
if it's not in the LIZ then it is usually either TFA or OOF.

Too Far Away or Out Of Focus.
There are also the ever-popular NTAA and FMI. :) Please note, I'm not claiming this is either the "Not There At All" or the "Figment of My Imagination", but on my screen, even zoomed in, I can't find anything.
I can right-click copy the URL, and the links download fine. Alas, they were both the same link - now corrected I see.
that didnt work for me in my browser, but i was able to use the link to open it in VLC free video player. thanks.

Sorry, but even zoomed in I don't see a darn thing. That's even less than being in the Low Information Zone.
I see a dot moving like a balloon (or a drone), but not a bundle of dots/balloons.
I dunno why the video's aren't working. Maybe I attached them incorrectly?

Here's a Wetransfer link for both that's good for 7days starting at the time of this post.

Wetransfer link

Yeah the balloon(s) are super small, I've circled them here:

01 circled.png02 CIrcled.png

In real life, we could definitely see it "tumbling" and it looked kinda like a pyramidal grouping of possibly black or dark blue, balloons.

The hilariously sad thing is I had my DSLR with both 50mm and 135mm primes in my car parked on the other side of the park at the time. I'd just put it back since they're slow lenses and it was getting dark.
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