HD has killed the lizard people theories?


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We all know that the advent of high quality cell phone cameras in almost every pocket had pretty much wiped out the UFO sighting "industry" (eg here, and here, and lots of places...)

Now it appears that high definition TV and recording devices might be ruining the lizard people industry - we can but hope.....

In recent years, there has been less repetition of the conspiracy theorists’ claims when it comes to the video evidence of the reptoids. The reason for this decline is likely the advent of high-definition video. Today when we pause a video, there is much less compression artifacting. In fact, most of the time you can’t see any at all. But when David Icke first began promoting this idea, pausing video meant pausing a VHS tape. If you remember seeing this, you’ll recall that, when paused, the picture would jitter and flash and sometimes flicker between two frames, and that every edge was shattered into interlacing lines. It was easy in those days to pause a video and see just about anything you wanted to see. And in the early days of YouTube with low-resolution, highly compressed videos, the situation was only marginally better.
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Probably too early to see much effect, but worth keeping an eye (sic) on??
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Oh yes - that link.... sigh..... early onset alzheimers?? Or maybe it's just too cold to be moving fast today ;)


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I wonder if there has been an analogous decrease in the "dead talking through static" on radio and tape with the near disappearance of static noise? I used to almost hear those voices as an analogue child.