Germanwings Airbus Crash Conspiracy Theories

Mick West

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While it's inevitable that there will be claims of "crisis actors" in these situations, please don't post links to sites of videos that make these claims unless:

A) It's being taken seriously by people who are open to reason
B) You can analyze and debunk it

Such claims often post photos of people who have just lost a loved one. This is cruel and insensitive and unless it's already getting lots of attention the best thing we can do is ignore it, and let the claims wallow in the circles of those who are lost to reason, and would ignore any explanation anyway.


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here is the link to the full video.

I had previously posted this same video, sorry.

WHEN I posted, I added a disclaimer: Basically to address that NOT ALL airliners, nor airline companies, operate the exact same doors. Further, NOW that this is being made public (on a World-Wide Forum such as YouTube) then previous prohibitions within the airline industry about not discussing security protocols? Some are now "out-the-window".

Guess what? NOW there will be NEW "procedures" implemented....I guarantee it. AND? They shall remain confidential, as much as possible.


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There is no "conspiracy" here....and no "Bunk". The evidence is clear. A disturbed individual committed mass murder as part of his suicidal actions.


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Has anyone heard about the ax being inside the cockpit but somehow being used by the locked out pilot point brought up?


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Is there any actual evidence that the pilot used an ax on the door? I recall only hearing that it made a "metallic sound".


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There was some speculation it may have been a crowbar. Where a crowbar would come from with todays security procedures is open to question.

Whatever it was stood no chance of breaching the door.


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No, never flew the 73 and nothing like that on the Airbus A330.

I did see a recreation where one of the extinguishers was used. That is about the only metal object along with the oxy bottles that would be available now. All useless against reinforced Kevlar though.


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I worked on 737-100 & -200's for a bit more than a decade in the 1970's and 80's - there was no crowbar on those ones. There was, of course, a crash axe - but that was in the cockpit.

Other aircraft I worked on had manual gear extension handles in the cabin area that were sort of like crowbars.

ETA: The Skybrary wiki has the following entry for aircraft equipment on its "Fire" page:

So I guess I'm officially obsolete now! ;)
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