Explained: Floating Triangle UFO in Buenos Aires Google Maps [Bridge]

Mick West

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Location: -34 36 30.49", -58 21 52.10


The satellite image from Google Maps is of a strange triangle shape in the River Plate in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In a series of pictures you can see a strange object flying and casting its shadow in the water.

And conspiracists think the "UFO" could be more signs of alien life in South America.

One commented on a video of the pictures: “Oh it’s a spaceship for sure.”
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It's an odd looking image, looking like something floating above the river. It's tempting to dismiss it as a glitch. But there's actually something there. Trivially visible to anyone in street view:
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Looks like a bit of leftover bridge construction. But it's actually the dock for the end of the swing bridge.


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