Epoch Times' - 'Nervous-System Damage From the Sky' article


Here's a piece from 2012 which made it into print, based on the work of Russell Blaylock M.D -

(Challenged to debate on Metabunk here and credentials discussed / panned on Skepdic here)

What in God's name any journalist would want to link to the website in the excerpt above, I do not know.

What in the World are they Spraying Debunked here

Article online -


These are just some of the claims in the article, which is an authoritative repetition of all the chemtrails bunk, and references many of the more popular and seemingly credible sources.

Chemtrails article.jpg
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Steve Funk

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My video class teacher showed me that issue and thought it was serious. But then, he also liked my video on snow samples. There are a lot of people out there ready to be convincede by this stuff.

Mick West

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Being in a traditional newspaper like that gives it the sheen of believability. People have pretty much got used to the idea that information on the internet is not always entirely reliable, but the newspaper, ​well, then it has to be real. Especially one with large pages.
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