Did Elvis really say this about Andy Kaufman?


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"Foreign Man would announce, "And now I would like to imitate the Elvis Presley", turn around, take off his jacket, slick his hair back, and launch into an unexpectedly credible Elvis Presley impersonation, one that Presley himself described as his favorite."

I would love proof of the bolded part of the quote I pasted from Wikipedia. The source for it brings up a page that doesn't exist but it's pretty much been stated on every Andy Kaufman website. The thing is, I wouldn't even be surprised if Elvis did say that...I just can't find a single quote of him even acknowledging Andy Kaufman. I've e-mailed the owners of fan sites and never gotten a response. I would love to find the quote if it exists. Thanks!


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There were a lot of old time impersonators (not just Elvis, but Chaplin , Monroe, or basically any celebrity who attracts "professional" impersonators while they're still alive) who would say things like that. Considering the number of them, I've always assumed their claims are either self promoting baloney, or if technically true (its often claimed that the celebrity came to see the impersonation and commented after the show) were more likely a courteous comment between performers (which could explain why so many Chaplin impersonators in particular claimed to have been personally told they were the best by the man himself).


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Can you post links to the references you have found so far.

"It would be another 3 years until Kaufman's now famous Elvis act was first televised—a performance which Presley himself later claimed to be his favourite Elvis impersonation."

"The King himself had a few tapes of Andy’s Vegas impersonation gigs on tape at his mansion in Graceland." (This isn't the quote that's in dispute but I can't find any proof of this either).

"Elvis considered Andy's impression of him as by far his favorite."

"It's said that Elvis Presley praised Kaufman's Elvis impersonation as his personal favorite"


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As far as I know the story is just words,
from an interview with Kaufman's brother
(the same brother that said Andy faked his death...and later backpedaled on that)

There's no reason to take it as gospel, and I'd be surprised if any
verifiable Presley quote exists. That said, it was a great impression
and so it wouldn't be surprising if it was Elvis' favorite.

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Yes, tis isn't really a quote here. It's someone else describing what they heard someone say that Elvis thought of this.


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The source for it brings up a page that doesn't exist
heres a cached version. doesnt really say anything.

i found this, but so far no luck finding an interview with Mike wallace or anything... need to keep looking i guess


edit: more possible sources to search:
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christmas 1979, heres Johnny Cash saying it "he enjoyed the most"... right at beginning of the clip.



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Thank you so much, deirdre! I have wondered about this for years.
found the Mike Douglas link too.. maybe.. but i dont know about this guy Zmuda,he sounds like a hoaxer. he describes the tapes allegedly found at Graceland and Mike Douglas telling Kaufman that.

(Johnny Cash i kinda believe though.. that was only 2 years after Elvis' death and Johnny is often cited as the most famous/best Elvis impersonator. Johnny would also have more of a chance of actually knowing Elvis since he did at least in the early years. We may never know for absolute certain unless a die hard Elvis fan can find you a source)

epk.JPG https://books.google.com/books?id=B...gK#v=onepage&q=kaufman tour Graceland&f=false

Wiki link for Zmuda:


which could explain why so many Chaplin impersonators in particular claimed to have been personally told they were the best by the man himself
I heard once that Chaplin himself took part once in a Chaplin impersonation event without anybody realizing that he indeed was Chaplin himself. He came to third place on that. Don't know is that true but funny story anyway.
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