Debunked: Sagan: Why is it that it is only our planet in the solar system that is like paradise?


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Over on the International Skeptics forum I started a thread on the idea that '9/11' was predicted in the mass media decades before it happened. It attracted a poster using the identifier zengirl who presented the idea that the 'powers that be' need to 'predict' major events before hand or they will not happen and used the following quote as part of their defence of the idea:

I did a google search using the opening two sentences and got five results (not including the International Skeptics forum thread.

One of them contained the probable source of the quote and it's attribution:

As far as I can tell this is the origin of the quote.


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This sort of false attribution makes me a little queasy (especially since someone involved Sagan). My bologna detector started beeping at the word "vibrational."

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Grounds for libel. Such an odd thing to attribute to such a famous sceptic.
He would be turning in his grave. (if the earth was settling and his coffin shifted.)


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Grounds for libel. Such an odd thing to attribute to such a famous sceptic.
He would be turning in his grave. (if the earth was settling and his coffin shifted.)

Quantum motion? (Sorry, too easy).

Suppose his heirs could seek civil damages, but might draw unneeded attention, and be counter-productive. Though Icke and is ilk should be tamped down.

Pete Tar

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Oh not for serious. Unless someone makes a meme that goes viral.
Still, attirbuting a quote to the *ghost* of a person who appeared in a "psychic vision" to someone is pretty poor form.


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Grounds for libel. Such an odd thing to attribute to such a famous sceptic.
He would be turning in his grave. (if the earth was settling and his coffin shifted.)

Well it's not the first time this sort of thing has happened. Back in the 1990's there was short lived 1960's set UFO conspiracy series called 'Dark Skies' which had an episode in which they depict Carl Sagan being recruited by MJ-12 to take part in the UFO cover up.


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In Fred Phelps' Book: San Francisco Get Off Your Knees: The Non-Pride Lion Sleeps Tonight he talks about a conversation that he had with the American psychic John Edward. Edward tells Phelps about a vivid dream he had with the famed Cosmologist/Cosmetologist Carl Sagan who appeared and talked about the nature of the Universe and more and here is what Edward describes happened:

Sagan said that the Beatles "were no One Direction. Did any of the Beatles even get to first base with Taylor Swift?
Negative. And the Beatles' White Album is a warm pig turd compared to 1D's dreamy Midnight Memories of 2013!"

According to John Edward's dream, Sagen explained that only our combined vibrational illusion makes it appear
that the Beatles could even hope to hold a candle to One Direction...and that scientific evidence " nutballz!!"

Okay, in all seriousness, sure, this is all absurd, and rational adults usually should say "Ick!" to all things Icke...
but as long as it's attributed to a dream, doesn't pretty much anything go? Can't I say I had a dream in which Marilyn Monroe
declared me the most desirable man on the planet...what legal case would (or should) anyone have against me?
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Can't I say I had a dream in which Marilyn Monroe
declared me the most desirable man on the planet...what legal case would (or should) anyone have against me?
I once had a dream where I was in a pub chatting to poet William Blake. I can't remember what we talked about, I do recall that he drank like a fish and wouldn't stand a round, so I kept him in beer all night.

May be I should use that as proof that the guy who penned such works as Jerusalem and Tiger Tiger was an alcoholic tight wad.


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He WAS a tight wad.
At least that's what Arthur Conan Doyle told me in a dream where he also discussed the Aluminium in Chemtrails.
He said, "It's ELEMENTARY".

I'll get my coat
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