Dave Flach's FLIR UFO - Jacksonville, FL Dec 8th 2016


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Here's the FLIR video

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zcCF07VHJE

His description of the event:

”It was about 10:00 am, Thursday Dec. 8, 2016. I was typing an email to a vendor, when a coworker approached me and said, “You need to check this shit out, man.” Slightly annoyed at breaking my concentration with the email, I got up to look at his discovery. He was testing a government FLIR out back like we all do, to check for problems and get a “worldview” look from it. In the distance, there was an orb. This orb didn’t move, which was immediately disturbing since everything moves out back, even the moon. “It’s been like that for at least ten minutes” he told me, and it could not be seen with day cameras. They are boresighted to see the exact same image that the IR sees. The laser rangefinder wouldn’t ping it; we couldn’t get a distance on it. We have pinged mylar balloons before at 5.6 miles with no problem, but not this object. We watched it for a few minutes, and concluded we needed to set up a better high-def system to view it. That system took about 5 minutes to cool down, and upon viewing the sky the orb was gone. We panned the sky in vain. We set the original system back up, but still no orb."

The points for debate would be around the apparent no movement and also its only visible in IR. The movement at the start is the camera moving to demonstrate no dead pixel
My money is on Venus.

This particular video has cropped up again at reddit, albeit now edited into a compilation of FLIR videos of common aerial phenomenons like the sun, planes and drones.
I think both the planet and geostationary satellite hypothesis are sound, and perhaps the GSS hypothesis is slightly stronger since that could explain why it stopped being visible after it stopped catching the sunlight as well when they were faffing about to set up a better system. The sky is very cold and so anything emitting higher order infrared is going to show up very strongly, whereas the visible light sky is much more washed out due to atmospheric haze and scattering so it strikes me as pretty uncompelling that something would be less visible via visible light.