Dane Wigington & Co. get taken to the cleaners by climate scientists

Jay Reynolds

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According to Dane Wigington's site, Gavin Schmidt and Simon Donner are arrogant liars for not buying into his delusions:

Dane Wigington said:
In the first half hour a caller asked NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt (NASA) what was being sprayed from aircraft to form grid patterns in our skies. Mr. Schmidt responded in no uncertain terms, “There are NO chemicals in the trails, nothing is being sprayed”. How is it possible a “scientist” can say he knows this for certain under any circumstances? Especially when there are countless videos of jet aircraft clearly spraying posted everywhere on line? Even up close and personal videos of military KC- 10s and KC-135′s that inarguably show the spray nozzles and the jets shutting on and off. There are three possibilities here, Gavin Schmidt is either totally ignorant of the subject of which he is a recognized “expert”, he is clinically blind, or he is a blatant liar.

Liar number two, climate “scientist” Simon Donner, professor at the University of British Columbia. In the second half hour in a rapid 2 minute exchange between myself and Mr. Donner, he emphatically states on the record ’Though geoengineering information and videos (of jets spraying) looks very convincing, its just NOT TRUE. Its just a bunch of people trying to mess with the public.” When asked how he could possibly make such a “definitive” statement, he goes on to say that ” we are testing the atmosphere and those materials (heavy metals named in geoengineering patents) are not showing up.” (aluminum, barium, strontium, manganese, etc). This is also an astounding declaration given the fact that countless lab tests from around the globe are clearly showing massive amounts of these same heavy metals raining down on us all. As I tried to present a few more facts, the host cut me off and that was that. In the next few seconds, Mr. Donner let out a clear chuckle, apparently the subject of global chemical spraying is comical to him.

According to Dr. Doug Craig's Blog:

Doug Craig said:
Beauchamp wrote, "The topic of climate change makes some folks hot under the collar, witness some of the heated back-and-forth commentary on Doug Craig's blog at Redding.com. Today the Redding psychologist and blogger took to the local airwaves to share his passion on the subject. It actually made for surprisingly good radio. Here's a link to the archived show at KCNR1460.com.

"Craig lined up four experts -- three climate scientists and a journalist who writes on the issue. They all came across as thoughtful and reasonable folks, measured in their responses. Which is more than I can say for two callers who huffed and puffed and hyperventilated about the so-called chemtrail conspiracy. I especially liked the final segment (which started around 1 hour and 30 minutes in) because the scientist Craig interviewed offered some hope and optimism, something too often missing in the climate change debate (what with apocalyptic visions inundated coastal cities, continental wildfires and mass starvation).

- See more at: http://blogs.redding.com/dcraig/archives/2013/06/beauchamps-blog.html#sthash.MxsHTUIl.dpuf

Here is the interview:
The first caller begins at 23:00. The caller, identified as 'Ralph', claims to Gavin Schmidt that water vapor dissipates. Ralph claims to be an experienced weather observer, but makes the mistake of saying contrails are "water vapor" (which would be invisible). Schmidt has already heard about chemtrails, but owns Ralph when he explains that what he is seeing isn't water vapor, which is invisible, but rather condensate.

Wigington's call begins at 41:00 minutes. He does a Gish Gallop rant using his usual spiel, constantly interrupts Donner who is trying to answer. Donner has evidently seen what the chemtrail hoaxers are saying, but tells Wigington that the data doesn't show geoengineering taking place. Dane tries to claim that global dimming of 22% is taking place, when the opposite is true, global dimming ended years ago.

The bottom line here is that the chemtrail crowd has for so long ignored the fact that their stuff has been debunked long ago, yet they keep continuing putting out the exact same bunk. By now, it seems that every atmospheric scientist in the world has heard of the chemtrails hoax and examined the claims. This random sampling of two who get confronted are easily able to see the bunk in what the chemtrailers are claiming, and soundly reject it.

Unknown is whether what happened will cause a change in Wigington & Co. or simply drive them into further depths of paranoia. Judging by his article subsequent to the call-in, Dane is trying to convince his followers that the entire scientific community is lying about chemtrails. He is marginalizing himself into an unreal extremist scenario unlikely to be publicly accepted.
It seems to me that some chemtrail pushers are replacing God with man. They don't understand the science behind what they see and they make up stuff. In the past God explained pretty much every thing unexplainable. Call it Man of the Gaps.
Given the rhetoric that Wigington et al use I wonder if one day the climate community will call their bluff. I would be very tempted to look at a possible libel or defamation claim against them, even if to at least get them to show their evidence in court.
I wish I could thank you 10 times for that, Soulfly, you are so right. If they can't explain it then "mandidit" instead of "goddidit".