Claim: UFO following jet into landing at JFK on 11/11/19


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This reddit thread was posted with the attached video


The claim is that this shows a UFO following a Delta Airlines MD-88 aircraft into JFK at around 1531 on 11/11/2019.

I asked for a location on the reddit thread and was given "Deer Park Ny heading north @ 1531 Another witness in oceanside NY heading North @ 1533"

The claimant also states that this is NOT a air to air refueling jet (as the video very much looks like) The video and claim also focuses on some other "UAPs" which look very much like flies which were not noticed at the time of the video being filmed.

The claim (as is common) states that the UFO went on to perform unusual maneuvers, but these were unfortunately not captured in the video.

Given that there is a video and date/time/location it could be investigated to some degree, but I don't have premium access to FR24.
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My first impression was: 'UFO' is a part of the plane, seen at a particular angle. In particular, a winglet of a large business jet, like Bombardier Challenger 600 series below.

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My first impression was: 'UFO' is a part of the plane, seen at a particular angle. In particular, a winglet of a large business jet,
I thought that too, but it seems pretty consistent in its separation. The plane does not seem to be at the correct angle.

Hard to say, of course.



  • Long Island UFO follows plane witnessed by many on ground.mp4
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his account in the OP is a bit different then he reported to national UFO.



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Smugglers sometimes fly close to commercial airplanes.
The planes avoid radar detection by flying on the tails of commercial airliners or carrying sophisticated radar-scrambling scrambling gear that befuddles air traffic control as they cross the nation's southern borders.

''We know for a fact that the aircraft they're flying aren't airworthy,'' said Milford Conarroe of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Flying Close to Airliners

''If they know there's a scheduled airline, they'll tuck in real close on him so they'll show up on radar as a single blip. They get within a few feet of them sometimes,'' Mr. Conarroe said from his office in El Paso, Tex., where he works for the Drug Intelligence Agency.


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The other objects holding off could be the rest of the squadron if this was a refueling operation.

From nuforc:
From reddit:
Why is there an hour of difference?

It was clear as day as it flew directly overhead at 1800 feet on a beautiful cloudless day. Relative temp around 58f. The commercial aircraft was a Delta Md 88 on Long Island Approach. It was proceeding onto a final with JFK Approach as this thing was glued behind it. Reminded me of how a car pulling a car with the rope tight and it glides at the same speed and direction with out deviations.

From the reddit OP:
Deer Park Ny heading north @ 1531 Another witness in oceanside NY heading North @ 1533

I was wondering why a plane on an approach to an airport to the West would be heading north, but I found an explanation for that:
When going back to yesterday evening using flightradar24's Playback feature, one finds much more pronounced turns over Long Island (thanks to ymb1 for suggesting this):

Flightradar24 Playback
Long Island Approach.png
Here, aircraft are approaching runways 22L/R. You can see that there are also aircraft from the South and West joining the queue to land and ATC needs to make sure there is enough separation between the aircraft. The easiest way to achieve this is by instructing them to fly in a certain direction ("radar vectors") until there is enough space to fit them into the queue, which results in such a zigzag pattern.
Deer Park would be approximately under the NW portion of these flight paths:

Why would a refueling operation occur over Long Island? and at what altitude? Is the reported altitude even correct, shouldn't the aircraft appear larger if it was that close?

Another poster on reddit suggested it might be a camera plane following.


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From 1:05 in the video posted on reddit, they're inverting the colors, and a connection between the two objects is visible:

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Red flags
Witness claims experience and expertise, but does not give any details.

Is he a civilian or in the military?

No one uses that term.

And his claim is inconsistent. This is from the YT description.

When a witness states, without being prompted, "It isn't X," there's a 95 percent chance it is X.

Witness claims expertise but clearly does not have expert knowledge. In this case the witness clearly doesn't understand aerial refueling. Why would the sky be completely blocked between the two aircraft during aerial refueling? Does not use the terms an expert would know. In this case: Aerial refueling, air refueling, in-flight refueling (IFR), air-to-air refueling (AAR), or tanking. Witness doesn't use any of these terms but uses neologisms that a non-expert would make up.
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Red flags
his story is all over the place. I didn't want to sign up for mufon to see the alleged mufon report, but he said the alleged "other guy" added a video. but instead of linking the video he did his own remake of it.
and later on in reddit thread it sounds like HE made the video (says he only showed it to 3 people).

and he didn't report to mufon, even though he saw the alleged other guy's story there. he was already signed in, why not back the guy up? why post on a totally different site?

Then he picks a story from Kansas and implements part of that into his reddit OP (it zoomed off unnaturally) even though his nuforc report says nothing like that.
Then he shows a pic of a blank sky he allegedly took at 3:30 that day... so why not take a pic of the plane if you were taking pics?
and do cctv cams save video for 6 months?
and 6 months isn't very long to have such a faulty memory of what happened when you saw a real ufo in real time! (i'd remember at least that long)


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The refueling idea would explain the time discrepancy: if this was an operation that went on for quite a bit, there could have been more than one refueling, one of these observed by the reddit poster, and another caught on video an hour later.
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