Claim: Hillary Clinton's emails reveal Libyan invasion result of monetary policy


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(This story was also published by Foreign Policy Journal, a site dedicated to often bizarre, overblown, and alarmist critiques of Western international politics, and the Centre for Research on Globalisation, a subsidiary of

Unfortunately, I do not have time to go through the emails themselves, so I cannot do much here. My first reaction however is that the article seems replete with instances of hyperbole and non-sequitur, and the author draws conclusions that even his/her own readings of the emails fail to support. It is also of interest to note that none of the direct quotes from the emails support the article's central allegation as expressed in the headline.


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This appears to be the particular email.

Ray Von Geezer

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The only points I'd really dispute are the accuracy of the article title/claim that the emails are direct evidence of the motives of the USA & NATO (I suspect that should actually be the U.N.). The relevant email is dated 2nd April 2011, the U.N. resolution had already been adopted in March that year, and the source only attributes those motives to France/Sarkozy, there is no evidence here that the USA or other members of the U.N./NATO shared those motives.

The author also talks about an "admission" that Western special forces were already on the ground, which strikes me as a little odd - there was much discussion here in the UK in 2011 about the MoD confirming the SAS was active in Libya. He also makes claims of who was doing exactly what, which aren't supported by the emails:-

What is actually said is:-

Another minor error has the author stating that foreign special forces supplied "a seemingly endless supply of AK47 assault rifles and ammunition", that information actually comes from an inventory of weapons the rebels had already stockpiled.

The most concerning part for me is the information on the rebels executing PoWs, since the emails do appear to indicate "we" were aware even before bodies like the U.N. and Amnesty International started voicing their concerns.

Ray Von


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It looks like this story is making the rounds. This appeared on the Eurasia Daily Facebook page

Eurasia Daily.png

I liked the fact that they admitted the pictures were actually taken in Iraq

It also appeared on something called Fort Russ under the title

U.S, France Looted Oil & Gold from Libya

I thought it was interesting to see how this website decided to spin the issue of Libyan gold:


Ray Von Geezer

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That spin is interesting. When I saw the $7 billion figure my first thought was that isn't that much money, here we don't get a figure, we're just told that it's a lot.

Secondly, they neglect to address the timing of the emails which show the information came to light after the UN resolution was passed. If the USA, UK etc had known that France/Sarkozy had an ulterior motive and shared it, why would there be any need for an intelligence source to report it?

Ray Von
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