Cigar shaped UFO over Angels Landing, Utah [Probably Starlink]


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My friend took this video March 14th ~7:20AM on top of Angels Landing in Utah.

I'm guessing it's just a plane/contrails reflecting off morning sun, but who knows!? Seems very similar to this post

Anyway, video is attached. Not sure where to view flight history, but I'm sure you guys do. Have fun. Also, enjoy my friend's pure stoner confusion throughout the video.


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Quick look at Flight Radar: might have been the American Eagle Flight from Redmond to Phoenix. The plane was a Mitsubishi CRJ-701ER which is long and slim with comparably small wings.
CRJ-700s have fairly narrow wingspans for their length and they're swept back more than other airliners. If you get one at JUST the right angle, you can't pick out the wings.

I didn't want to hotlink or reupload this guy's photo:

But this is a pretty good example of how a CRJ-700's shape can make the wings vanish compared to another airliner, if you look at it just right.
Wouldn't you see the wings when viewing from the ground up though? Unless the plane was plane was in a turn, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.
That doesn't look like a plane to me at all but I'm pretty certain that you got video of the initial satellite train of the Starlink 22 deployment. A Falcon 9 had launched from Cape Canaveral about three hours earlier. The sats are still clustered together fairly closely since they had only recently been released.

Here's a video from earlier this month that looks pretty similar.
I can agree with Starlink as well. Also, because the object's trajectory is curved, and the pointing of the object changes accordingly. This means it must me an orbital motion, hence satellites.