Christchurch earthquake and whale strandings


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On a few sites the usual connections are being made between events that occur in a short time - in this case the stranding of 107 whales on Stewart Island, at the south of New Zealand, is being seen by some as a "predictor" of the Chch earthquake that hit yesterday.

Personally I have no great problem with the idea that animals get affected by earthquakes before people do - but if someone is going to suggest an exact correlation I wish they'd give some hint as to how it can be seen accurately before hand!!

New Zealand has dozens of "whale" strandings every year , and 100-150 "noticeable" earthquakes (out of 10-15,000 total) of which "several" are MM6 or larger.

If you see anyone saying they "predicted" this one, or there's a direct link, could you please ask them how we can figure out which whale strandings to take particular notice of?



PS - I was raised in Chch, still have a lot of family there, they are all OK, as are most of the people I know from there. There are a few i haven't heard of tho - I hope for them.