Chemtrails: Experiments on the Public


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I came across this video, it states five examples of test on the public which are similar to chemtrails. From the comments of the video, I can tell that many of the conspiracy theorists are concluding that because in the past the US and British government poisoned their citizens like this, this means that is very likely that chemtrails are real and are being used for their agenda.

This video was created by 'Stuff They Don't Want You To Know' a channel which specialises in covering conspiracy theories. The examples start being told at 2:23.

This is a short synopsis of the examples in the video.

Example 1.

1950 -
US conducted war games in the Bay Area. They attempted to test the
feasibility of the use of aerosol agents as a weapon of war.

Example 2.

1952 (March-April) -
the US government conducted experiments in South Carolina and Georgia how weather would affect the dispersal of aerosol agents when launched on the ground.

Example 3.

1957 -
the British government conducted experiments in the North Sea. The experiments were successful. They were trying to prove the feasibility of aerosol agents dispersed to a population (or crossing area of land) regardless of meteorological activity. They found it was feasible.

Example 4.

December 2nd, 1957 -
The inaugural flight of the operation LAC (Large Area Coverage). In this operation, the US military borrowed an aircraft from the US airforce (it was a C119) they loaded it with zinc cadmium sulphide. They flew the aircraft from South Dakota to Minnesota. Along the way, they dispersed thousand of pounds of this agent to see how it spread. They found that zinc cadmium sulphate spread more than a thousand miles away (some of it even went to Canada).

Example 5.

1953-1954 -
In St. Louis, according to professor Lisa Martino-Taylor, in addition to the zinc they were using the military added FP2266. According to Martino-Taylor's research, this was a name for a compound which contained a silicate and a substance called radium 226 (a radioactive substance supplied by a company known as 'The US radium corporation'). This irradiated material was spread around St. Louis: it was spread from rooftops, it was spread from the ground, mobile stations set up in station wagons that would drive around and spread this stuff. These were primarily spread in minority and low-income communities. There's convincing evidence that this did occurred and it occurred to target these populations specifically. There's evidence online and in historical records that people were suffering of ill health effects from this substance.


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The most important distinction from "chemtrails" is that none of these took the form of high altitude persistent visible trails. Most was from ground level or ground fixtures, others a very low altitude. However, more importantly, they did the exact opposite of what a "chemtrail" does: They dispersed quickly and were invisible once dispersed.

The products being sprayed were biologically inert to "mostly harmless" by contemporary standards of harmless. Some (like FP2266, which does not contain radium at all) were chosen because they reacted to a blacklight - the tests were of dispersion, not effect, the countries involved already knew how effective their aerosol weapons were, most of them were already deployed in battle during WWI, and everybody involved got a great look at how effective they were, but also how badly we understood aerosol dispersion, because many countries got their best looks at the weapons' effects were when the wind blew them back in their own soldiers' faces.

Most if not all of these are fairly well discussed on this site. For example, the last one:

In this case, there was no radium in the product, it was a compound of zinc and cadmium which is insoluble in water and unusual among cadmium compounds in that it is not biologically active, it was chosen for this reason and because it shows up under a blacklight so dispersal patterns could be studied. There is an extensive toxicological study (linked in that thread) on its effects that seems to disprove any claims of illness.
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Generally these tests were done so that the military could gain an understanding of how biological or chemical weapons would disperse in the event of an enemy attack. Such an attack was considered a real threat, so they needed to know how to deal with it and how widespread the effects would be likely to be.

The conspiracy angle always tries to present it as "evil government experimenting on the public for fun", without considering that the reason for many of these experiments was actually to help protect the population in the event of an attack.

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Non of them were "tests on the public", they were simply tests to see how far things spread. They deliberately chose things that would be easy to detect, and not harmful (or so they though at the time, there was subsequently discovered to be some minuscule risk, on the level of short exposure to secondhand smoke)
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What kind of argument is this? Just because aircraft can be and have been used to spray or drop down some stuff and because there have been secret military programs involving aircraft, one should disregard the laws of physics and chemistry and assume the persistent long white lines left in the sky by commercial and military planes alike being evidence of a sinister (inter)governmental program?

Well, here are just two simple reasons why these lines can't be anything but condensation trails. One is that the mass of a single trail can exceed by manyfold the maximum load of the largest aircraft. The other is that there is no other chemical but water that can form persistent trails in the Earth atmosphere. Everything else will quickly dissipate like smoke after the smoke generator turned off. In contrast, water is already up there in the form of invisible vapour and visible aerosols of tiny liquid droplets or ice crystals, a.k.a. clouds, which persist because they are at equilibrium with the surrounding water vapour. Persistent contrails are the man-made clouds, the formation of which is triggered by either the condensation of the water vapour from the engine exhaust (exhaust contrails), or by cooling the wet air above the wing of the passing plane below the dew point due to the adiabatic pressure drop (aerodynamic contrails).


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Non of them were "tests on the public", they were simply tests to see how far things spread
Aha, I understand. The video made it out as if those experiments were some form of deadly-ultra-mega-evil way of using people as Guinea pigs. I'm glad that's not the case.