Bigfoot/gorilla pareidolia


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Can someone post the image, I've only got my phone and working between apps often deletes the post I'm working on.
Anyways for some reason this popped up on my Reddit app. Lots of comments, most if not all convinced it's an escaped ape (or some hominoid)
To me it looks like pareidolia, the 'baby' even has a green tinge


Ok it looks like it's inserted the photo, nice one. Man working on the phone is a PITA you spend 10 minutes typing text go somewhere else to get a link come back and ask your text is deleted due to the limited cache, hell this phone has more memory than PCs I had from a few years ago :p
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Can someone post the image, I've only got my phone and working between apps often deletes the post I'm working on.
The forum does save your draft automatically. Hit "reload" on the browser to retrieve it when it seems gone (before you type anything, obviously). Reloading is necessary because the browser has cached the page as you originally loaded it, without your draft, so you need to retrieve the latest version with your draft in it.
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Just got this from a friends trail camera my guess is escaped monkey
Alleged trail cam footage with none of the on-screen display (OSD) indicators (i.e., date/time) from the cam is already a red flag to me. Looks like the usual faked/hoaxed footage that's not from a trail cam at all. I just asked about the lack of OSD and the make/model of the cam in the thread.
One thing with trail cameras is you want to see a photo without the object there as well, ie triggered by something else.

Also my trail camera takes short videos / or sequences seeing one photo only is always a little suspicious.

Also there are bears in Florida.
When walking in the woods at dusk, I've found that every tree stump looks like a bear, so I'd certainly want to see more than one still photo. But what is the box hanging at the top of the photo, and what is it dangling from? If it is meant to be something like a bear-proof food cache on a hunter's blind, that means that they're in a place that bears might be expected.
But what is the box hanging at the top of the photo, and what is it dangling from?

It's a deer feeder, there is corn on the ground. He's baiting a hunting area. It's illegal here in California, but I know they do it in Texas, not sure about Florida. It also provides an argument for ignoring reddit. The same question was asked and answered repeatedly and people just kept asking anyway. I guess they don't really read the comments, they just comment.
not sure about Florida.
I guess it depends:

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There is no definitive answer, as deer hunting regulations vary from state to state. In Florida, for example, it is legal to bait deer on private property with the landowner’s permission. However, baiting deer is not allowed on public land.

If this is an illegal bait station, the owner of the trail cam is going to stay quiet.

However, I agree with @MonkeeSage above, that this doesn't look like a trail cam photo.
The responses on r/Bigfoot are a great lesson in pareidolia. People are seeing all sorts of things. My first thought was that it was something jumping off the log. I no longer trust any vague photo or video. Exhibit A: This was not a lion in Berlin.

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 9.29.28 AM.png

It was a boar. But lots of experts thought it was a lion. Careful and critical-thinking experts did not think it was. When you hear hoofbeats, think horses.
I am always suspicious when presented with one picture... if this is an animal, where are the other pictures of it coming into frame, doing whatever it is doing, and then exiting? Presenting just the one image raises suspicion that the other images are not shared because they spoil the illusion, and you can see that it is a bear, or whatever other common animal it might be. (If it is not an animal, but is instead, say, a stump or rock, then there would be no such pictures, and sharing a secquence of images of an unmoving rock is not going to help the case much, from the point of view of the cryptid-claimer.)