article: I Was A Professional 9/11 Truther (And I Gave It Up)


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We sat down with Charles Veitch, who got on the Truther bandwagon early and became one of its most popular advocates ... only to turn away from the whole ridiculous conspiracy in the most public way possible. Here's his story.
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What really makes this interesting is this particular part:

"The first day, we were in NYC. We went to the architecture firm that built the WTC, and we got to study and analyze the actual original blueprints. And I questioned one of the older partners -- 'I've seen all these documentaries, I know you designed this building to withstand an airplane hitting it.' He was very patient with me. 'Charlie, it was designed to take an empty airliner, circling in the air, maybe hits it at 150 knots. No architect can make a [building] stop a fully-loaded airliner going near the speed of sound.'"
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