"Airline Pilot" at Climate Engineering Awareness Day - Carlow, Eire, 22nd August 2015


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Terry Lawton at the Climate Engineering Awareness Day - Carlow, Eire, 22nd August 2015



Either Terry has been duped or he has set this up himself?

12:13. Terry Lawton "Right, there is a lad here that doesn't want to go on camera...."

14:17 The man hands over his mobile phone to Terry to show him his pictures of the skies.

15:11 The man then claims to be an airline pilot. He claims to fly with Flybe out of Belfast.

18:00 This "airline pilot" then points to the pylon drain in the poster and claims that it is a pitot tube!

He then claims to Terry that he reckons this is the pitot static tube.

The "airline pilot" leaves at 26:07

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Rather suspicous the "pilot" does not know what types of plane he flies "used to be 737s .... a lot of British Airways planes and things like that"


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don't pitot tubes point forward? Surely an airline pilot would know that as a quick google shows them to be mostly in the and around the nose as well.

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don't pitot tubes point forward? Surely an airline pilot would know that as a quick google shows them to be mostly in the and around the nose as well.

They are under the wing on some small planes, but on the 737 he says he's typed for, they are under the side cockpit windows.

A pilot should know this, as they are trained to do pre-flight inspection of the plane, which includes the pitot.


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Flybe don't fly the B737 any more, however their pilot trainees use a 737 simulator when being trained. This is where the claim of a 737 rating comes in. In all likelihood, if this person really is a pilot then he is probably a first officer on turbo-prop Dash 8-400 and has never flown an actual 737.

Dash 8.jpg

* Pitot tube measures altitude. -Wrong.

Pitot tubes measure Airspeed. Static ports sense ambient air pressure and they measure altitude. These static ports give an altitude measurement into the pitot system to give a proper indicated airspeed accounting for altitude changes.

He may be a pilot, albeit one with poor systems knowledge. He sounds like a chemtrail believer but hasn't really thought out the logistics issue from a pilot point of view.
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PilotAnon: I"m actually an airline pilot.
Terry: How long have you known about this (spraying)?
PilotAnon: For quite a while actually, since my brother said it.
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It's quite obvious that this guy is [not a pilot], or is trying to fool around with these people.
FlyBe have never operated the 737 - it's possible that a FlyBe pilot had done a rating but couldn't find work on that type, but even the most amateur pilot wouldn't think a rear-facing pipe on an engine pylon would be a pitot tube. Also he said that he just flies Belfast to Birmingham. FlyBe have 15 routes from Belfast (although a few will be operated by crew out of other bases) and any pilot would not just do the one, that doesn't make sense. Finally, when asked what aircraft he flies he says something about 'different ones' and 'some British Airways ones' or something like that. Very few pilots in airlines are rated to fly more than one type at a time, especially ones that don't belong to his employer!
Either way he's no pilot.
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The fact that he doesn't know what kind of planes he flies is quite telling. Mostly cos they use stuff like Dash-8s and Embraers which most non air enthusiasts haven't heard of.
I am also fairly sure that if he DID only fly the one route, which is basically not likely, he would almost certainly always fly the same type of aircraft too.
He only knew about chemtrails when his brother said it to him, so even if he WAS a pilot, it would only be an appeal to authority as it;s nothing to do with being a pilot that he thinks he knows anythign about chemtrails.


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It's interesting what constitutes credibility here.

A man claiming to be a pilot is automatically accepted because he started off the conversation by agreeing with the premise of chemtrails.

But both speakers agree at about 16:50 that a chemtrail "on and off switch" in a plane is untrue. In reality, it must be sateliites and supercomputers.

I supposed anything is possible if you agree.


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Given the constant pleading for pilots etc to speak up, I'm a bit dissapointed the man wasn't beseiged with pleas to spread the word among his co-workers. Yes, he was offered a few leaflets, DVD's and even offered the supply of a banner (imagine that being towed behind a Dash?) but in Terry's shoes I would of hounded the guy heavily - it's a matter of life and death after all.


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Unless this so-called "pilot" is actually just trying to pull the guy's leg, everything he says tells me he is not a pilot.

I can understand if a Recreational Pilot, who may have minimal ground-school exposure, getting the pitot-static system wrong... but a type rated airline pilot?!? On a 737?? That simply does not compute. I'm also quite mind-blown since he claims that a pylon drain--on a Ryan Air 737 no less (the type of aircraft he claims to be rated on)--got called a pitot-static system.

Getting a type-rating in virtually ANY two-crew aircraft is no small feat. It requires rigorous understanding of an aircraft systems from basic to complex, because an incumbent is required to be able to prove that he or she can manage various system failures and emergencies as part of their check-rides. Not only this, but even getting a commercial license, and especially ATP certification requires quite a lot of theoretical knowledge, which should more than transcend at least knowing where the pitot tubes are normally located. Knowing how they work is a start...


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I'm not a pilot but I know what a pitot tube is from watching some "air crash investigation" programs


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They have operated them in the past. There are pictures on the net as well.

Thanks TW. I was right from a pilot's point of view, I suppose. No FlyBe-employed pilot flew the 737, they were leased-in from now defunct charter airline Astraeus and operated by Astraeus pilots and FlyBe cabin crew. Astraeus made a business of this and you can see photos of their aircraft in a variety of colours. I had a pleasant chat on the crew bus once with Bruce Dickenson of Iron Maiden when he was flying one of their 757s for my company some years ago.


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They are under the wing on some small planes, but on the 737 he says he's typed for, they are under the side cockpit windows.

A pilot should know this, as they are trained to do pre-flight inspection of the plane, which includes the pitot.
It's a drain tube for the pylon. The moisture that drips from the aircraft when going from -60 to +90 is unprecedented. It drips water so no environmental concerns...

Yes, the 737 pitot tubes, as most FAR part 25 aircraft, are located near the front of the aircraft near the cockpit windows.

The tube in the video is merely a drain.
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