1. S

    Claim: Russian radar would have picked up MH17 missile

    Russia has "discovered" radar data from July 17, 2014 days before the official criminal report is due to be released. See below: A video presentation of the data can be seen here: Source...
  2. william wiley

    Does Damage to MH17 indicate or exclude a Particular Buk Launch Location?

    Update Oct 13 2015 by @Mick West The Dutch Safety Board final report contains the results of three simulations of the missile launch location. These simulations all show an area to the south of Snizhne, and excludes the area of Zaroshens'kye Over the course of this thread several version of...
  3. Gary Cook

    Claim - 'Nuke reportedly detonates in Ukraine'.

    Hi, I am not sure who to attribute this bunk to, either Alex Jones' Inforwars or to the man who made the original video but this article appeared on InfoWars today basically saying a Nuke was used by the Ukrainian army against the pro-Russian separatists. At first I believed it and who knows...
  4. D

    RF humaid convoy to Donbass unloaded weapons and ammo 30th Nov 2014

    In begining I would make few important (imho) reservations: Some time ago I begun to read UA mass media because noticed increased conflicting messages about content of humanitarian aid truck convoys from Russian Federation to Donbass region of Ukraine. Many UA mass media published reports...
  5. Juha

    MH17 Hypotheses

    Ukraine SSU accuses that MH17 was wrong plane, they (rebels) tried to hit AFL2074.