1. D

    3 Lights passing a Commerical Jet - August 23rd 2021 9:27pm Thurrock England

    Hey, this is a video I shot last year with my Sony A7S camera. I'd just got it and was eager to test out its low light capabilities and was following a plane I saw in the sky. About 30 seconds in 3 lights come in from the opposite direction and then fly across the sky at a higher speed than what...
  2. banditsat12oclock

    Leicester triangle UFO, finding the 3 helicopters...

    (Apologies if this is discussed elsewhere. I did look but couldn't find anything.) My query is: assuming that this happened at least somewhat as suggested (right place, time, etc.), and assuming the helicopters involved were carrying transponders, is it possible to go back in time on any...
  3. D

    Space X Triangle Shaped UO

    This is an extract of an official Space X footage of 2018, filmed by ISS. You can see a seemingly triangle shaped bunch of lights or metal travel underneath the CRS-16 Dragon capsule. I have adjusted exposure to make it more clear and linked the original space x footage as well as a shortened...
  4. Trailblazer

    Contrail triangle, Versailles, Dec 28 2015

    If anyone wants a challenge... not much to go on!