1. Mick West

    Explaining the Ghost Boy in the Back Seat Photo with Occam's Razor

    Source: Daily Mail In a tabloid story widely shared on social media, we see two photographs taken seconds apart. In the first photo there's a girl looking at the camera, taking a selfie. The camera is reflected in her sunglasses, her hair seems to be blowing in a breeze. In the next photo...
  2. Mick West

    Explained: Hampton Court Ghost Photo [iPhone Panorama Glitch]

    This photo is doing the rounds as a "ghost" photo, largely because it was taken in Hampton Court, a historic English house with a reputation for hauntings. However it's just the result of taking a panoramic photo in low light on the iPhone. Panoramic photos are done by holding the camera up...
  3. Avestriel

    Hindu Guru Magic

    photo wasn't mine - taken back down. Cant figure out how to delete whole post [Admin: Photo restored to maintain context, Facebook description encourages sharing it]...
  4. L

    Photos of trails over Switzerland [back to the 1970s] and Chemical Analysis of Jacuzzi Cover Water
  5. Mick West

    Solved: "Alien" with "shadow" on the Moon [Debris in Camera]

    On Google Moon at 27°34'26.35" -19°36'4.75" UPDATE: Thanks to @Trailblazer, who discovered this is just some debris on the lens (or inside the camera) which appears at regular intervals on the series of images that Google Moon uses. And comparing the same locations on two sequential...
  6. Mick West

    Debunked: Chemtrail Plane and Other Unlabeled Photos from Facebook etc.

    There's been a lot of photos stuck up on the internet without a description of what they are, with the suggestion that they are related to the "chemtrail" theory. I've collected a lot of the earlier ones on contrail science: and there's a thread...