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photo wasn't mine - taken back down. Cant figure out how to delete whole post

[Admin: Photo restored to maintain context, Facebook description encourages sharing it]


Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath

September 13 ·

A photograph of Yogiraj at Mt Shasta during the Full Moon 2014 retreat.
This picture was taken during the MahaMryutunjaya mantra initiation.

NB: a sacred keepsake for your alter.
From Siddhanath Yoga Sangh
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Since it's clearly just a long exposure, I'm not clear what you are asking here. You obviously know it was spitting tea in the air, so why not just explain that?

Please avoid joking or mocking people about their religious beliefs.
No. I don't know if he's spitting tea or if it's smoke - and I'm not joking or mocking. I said "It's obviously just a long exposure" and they said there is no fire in the picture and how do I explain that the body is invisible or the halo in above the head if it's "just a long exposure" so I was asking if anyone had anything more technical to say about the photo than "It's a long exposure" and I'm not mocking anyone's religious beliefs. I am hindu/buddhist I just happen to think there is no magic in this picture and I was asked for better proof than the statement "it's a long exposure"
there is no fire in the picture
Which is true - nothing that's going on there looks like fire, it looks like something being thrown up in the air. With the exposure and lighting it's hard to tell what. I think the tea theory is a good guess, it does look like it was liquid.

how do I explain that the body is invisible
Moving objects in a long exposure will always be translucent because of the overlap of different elements - different parts of the man's body, or the man and the darker background. The more they move, the clearer they'll be. An extreme example is a daytime long exposure road picture where you can see only the barest streaks of cars, the cars are invisible because at any given point, 99% of the exposure time would have been spent looking at the stationary ground.

I was asked for better proof than the statement "it's a long exposure"
Unfortunately, sometimes all you can do is call a spade a spade. How do you prove it's a spade better than saying, "It's a spade"? The man looks like you'd expect somebody moving in a long exposure to look, the plume looks like you'd expect a plume of something in a long exposure to look, the rest of the image is consistent with a long exposure (the overly bright highlights and blurry edges)... Really everything comes down to the fact that it's clearly a long exposure.

You took the picture out before I could run it through google to find any background on it. If you're using Chrome, you can right click an image and search Google for it. If not, you can actually upload an image into Google's image search and find where it came from. Some background on where it came from might be revealing - it's possible the original source isn't purporting a magical significance, but an artistic, spiritual, or symbolic one.
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