patrick roddie

  1. Mick West

    A Conversation with "Chemtrail" activist Patrick Roddie

    Source: This is a long discussion I had with Patrick Roddie, who firmly believes that the government is engaged in a secret geoengineering program with "chemtrails". Patrick runs a web site, and frequently appears at...
  2. Mick West

    Two Large Planes Flying Parallel, Chiloquin, OR. Is it Legal? Yes.

    Patrick Roddie posted a video and asked me to debunk it. The video shows two large planes flying parallel. Roddie seems to assume that the planes are at the same altitude, and asks "is this legal?" He also helpfully gives the time as "about 12-ish" (which would be PDT, hence about 19:00 UTC) MJ...
  3. cmnit

    Patrick Roddie and the Saudi princess

    At the recent "Istanbul Security Conference" Patrick Roddie was able to reach and interview a Saudi princess discussing for 17 minutes or so about geoengineering: From what she says, it is clear that she mix weather modification interventions with all the rest of chemtrailists assertions...
  4. Mick West

    Fact Check: 42 Degree Halos, Incredibly Rare Sundogs, and Toxic Barium Halos

    The following statements were made by Patrick Roddie in a statement he read at an EPA public comment hearing on greenhouse gases in aircraft exhaust. Roddie is a proponent of the "chemtrail" theory, thinking that persistent contrails are actually something toxic being secretly sprayed by the US...