1. tobigtofool

    Bigfoot Video Colorado

    The couple was riding the Narrow Gauge train from Durango, Colorado, to Silverton, Colorado, when they said they spotted a biped, hairy creature moving through the mountains. A nearby passenger quickly began recording as Shannon Parker snapped some photos with her phone. Original Facebook post...
  2. bird_up

    Debunked: "Interdimensional being" caught on CCTV in Neza, Mexico

    Source: The video was taken on December 26, 2018 in Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico. Dr. Jaime Luna Becerra is the owner of the security cameras and claims to have seen the "entity" with his own eyes. We can actually see him at the end of the video, with his daughter...
  3. Leifer

    Jeffery Vallance, art exibit, paranormal

    An acquaintance of mine (Jeffery Vallance), and a well-known artist, is presenting an exhibition.... Since the late 1970s, Jeffrey Vallance has been interested in paranormal phenomenon. When Jeffrey was growing up, tales of his two family members that were professional psychics surrounded him...