1. Mick West

    Converting Nikon P900 to IR/Full Spectrum - The Definitive Guide

    The Nikon P900 occupies a special place in many topics discussed on Metabunk. It's a fairly lightweight "bridge" camera that has a ridiculously powerful zoom lens. It's described as 83x, or the equivalent of a 2000mm lens on a normal 35mm SLR camera. It replaced the need to carry around several...
  2. Mick West

    The P900 Rippling Orb Effect & Taking Photos of Venus

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0GI20nAb40 The Nikon P900 is a great camera, with an 83x optical zoom it can take amazing photos and videos of the moon. However it has a bit of a failing when trying to take photos (or video) of small bright objects, like stars, or especially like...
  3. Mick West

    Calculating the height of something in a P900 photo when distance is known

    The following discussion has a error in that it was assumed the field of view was the same at long distances as it was at 8m. In fact the field of view narrows with longer focus. This alters the scale factor from 0.02 to 0.01737 for a P900 at full zoom and focussed on something over 100 meters...
  4. Mick West

    P900 Plane and Contrails Photos and Video

    I bought a Nikon P900 to partially supplant my "big" camera, a Canon 7D with a 500mm zoom. The Canon setup was 800mm equivalent, and weighed 7 pounds. It was also nearly impossible to shoot video with handheld, and still tricky on a tripod. The P900 is not a perfect solution, but it's still...