1. cmnit

    Ulrike Lohmann on aircraft exhausts chemicals

    The Italian chemtrailist Tankerenemy is recently (mis)using a scientific paper by and an interview to well known and respected scientist Ulrike Lohmann (ETH Zurich). Besides other things, she is seriously involved in efforts to assess and potentially reduce the atmospheric pollution induced by...
  2. Flynn

    Mick West Interview for "Overcast" documentary by Dedal Films

    Thank you for posting the transcript. :)
  3. Igrokush1

    Mass obscure patterns in redding leading to cloudy skies.

    Can the fellow debunkers please help with Redding, CA. Sunday May 10th from 10am til about 1:00pm the sky was completely filled with contrails patterns resembling a boomerang, in directions of N,S,E,W. Along with the famous cross cross and tic tac toe patterns. We counted nearly 30+ contrails...