1. Agent K

    Serpentine flight pattern over Los Angeles

    What's going on here? A couple of Beechcraft King Airs out of Los Alamitos Army Airfield scanning L.A.
  2. MikeG

    Unreported Abuse of US Troops

    From in time for Memorial Day. Betrayed – 100 Years Of US Troops As Lab Rats Willful blindness to the criminal actions of your country is not patriotism, it is tyranny. Any that are living under the delusion that our government is in any way concerned about them, their...
  3. MikeG

    Body Armor Order Indicates Major Military Deployments

    The Daily Sheeple published this story not too long ago: IS THE ARMY PREPARING FOR A MAJOR DEPLOYMENT: ORDERS 177,000 BULLETPROOF ARMOR PLATES Traditionally, the best way to keep track of future military deployments – absent unexpected events, of course – has been to follow key procurement...
  4. D

    [MoreInfoNeeded]Germany NewsTV: Explanation for radar cloud

    Hi, I ve been into the chemtrail stuff lately, and trying to get into the discussions with several different people I know personally. There is one particular thing that I find hard to explain. When a cloud was spotted on radar and brought up by a newsTV show in Germany, it gave the...
  5. occams rusty scissor

    Claim: US military are preparing a major PSYOP/martial law - Op Jade Helm

    A planned military training operation is gaining the attention of the consipracy crowd at the moment. The claim is that the US military is conducting a Psyop upon the American public with a large scale military drill called Operation Jade Helm 15. For the last few days, more well known sites...