lights in the sky

  1. deirdre

    Debunked: Lights chasing each other carving holes in clouds (fake video, fallstreak holes)

    The viral video of lights seeming to carve holes out of clouds is a fake video and was originally debunked by @ufoofinterest tweet Source: The original image the video is based on is ©2003 Wayne Carver This photo was taken from my...
  2. M

    Physical Object or Camera Artifcat?

    [EDIT] I apologize for the inconvenience. I was not aware that the Album containing the pictures was set to private. I have since rectified the situation. My Dad's girlfriend noticed a strange anomaly in this picture and believes it to be an Alien Spacecraft. I'm not even confinced it's...
  3. n0sweat

    Lights in the Sky (Swansea UK 11/10/14)

    Report in my local rag today of "mystery objects in the sky". Here's a screen shot with the faint lights arrowed by me. You can see a very short video of the sighting HERE (scroll down the page to about half-way) My first thoughts are these might possibly be some sort of electrical...