global warming

  1. D

    I am horrified by my past

    Hi, I am new to this. Never really considered reaching out to a group or forum with people with similar experiences. My life I can only really described as being cultlike and stylised in a very strange way. The subject of Satanism played a large part in my ‘bunk’, despite myself and my family...
  2. Pete Tar

    Debunked: Most recent NASA study shows ice growth in Antartica

    The release of a 'new' report has conservative outlets claiming it supersedes 'previous' reports claiming ice loss in Antartica. Snow that began piling up 10,000 years ago in Antarctica is adding enough ice to offset the increased losses due to thinning glaciers, according to a NASA study. The...
  3. deirdre

    Climate Scientist says "Scientists should consider stretching the truth": Stephen Schneider

    Claim: (my paraphrasing) Stephen Schneider, a well known climatologist and IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) author advocates lying about the science of climate change. Starting as early as a month after the initial publication of an interview in Discover Magazine (October 1989...