1. S

    Claim: Russian radar would have picked up MH17 missile

    Russia has "discovered" radar data from July 17, 2014 days before the official criminal report is due to be released. See below: A video presentation of the data can be seen here: Source...
  2. Whitebeard

    EgyptAir flight MS804

    This is a breaking / on going story, so facts and details may change. The flight from Paris Charles de Gaul to Cairo was reported missing at 00;30 (gmt) just after leaving Greek airspace and entering Egyptian airspace and disappearing from radar. Greek ATC reported radio contact with the plane...
  3. Qualiall

    Air Algerie Flight AH5017 carrying 116 disappears from radar

    An Air Algerie flight en route to Algiers from Burkina Faso with 116 people aboard -- including 50 French citizens -- disappeared from radar early Thursday over the Sahara. Air navigation services lost track of AH5017 about 50 minutes after takeoff at 0155 GMT, the Algerian news agency APS...