1. A

    New UFO book getting a lot of attention

    (As a newbie here, I don't know if discussing media trends regarding bunk (meta metabunk) has a place on these forums and, if it does, which forum it belongs in, so I'm posting in General Discussion, which seems reasonable, but expecting this to get deleted or moved to Rambles.) Political...
  2. Mick West

    The Best Book for Explaining Contrails to Chemtrail Believers

    People who believe in the "chemtrail" frequently have several misconceptions about contrails (the trails of clouds sometimes left behind airplanes). The most common misconception is that contrails always quickly dissipate, and can't persist and spread. But there are several other misconceptions...
  3. L Hayes

    Chemtrails: Chemistry 141 & 142, Fourth Edition CB (Applications & Concepts in Chemis USAFA Book on

    Chemtrails: Chemistry 141 & 142, Fourth Edition CB (Applications & Concepts in Chemistry) Spiral-bound – March, 1998 I've seen a few chemtrailers post this book as evidence on several occasions. Supposedly a USAFA handbook and can be found on Amazon. No one has written a review and there are a...
  4. Mick West

    Debunking "Contrails don't Persist" with a Study of 70 Years of Books on Clouds

    One problem I have in telling people that contrails can actually persist, and can even spread out to cover the sky, is that people tend to be suspicious of random people on the internet. So I decided to simply let 70 years of books on clouds speak for themselves. Result: Every single book on...