1. C

    Strange Flickering in Contrail Video Posted in Earlier Thread [Focussing artifacts]

    First time posting on this website, [off topic antagonistic commentary removed]. Recently I was browsing through an old thread regarding colored contrails in a video posted by conspiracy theorist "Sibec". Within the thread someone else posted another video by Sibec showing a CargoLux 747-400...
  2. Whitebeard

    EgyptAir flight MS804

    This is a breaking / on going story, so facts and details may change. The flight from Paris Charles de Gaul to Cairo was reported missing at 00;30 (gmt) just after leaving Greek airspace and entering Egyptian airspace and disappearing from radar. Greek ATC reported radio contact with the plane...
  3. Efftup

    Disappearing Falcons near Bournemouth, UK [Limited MLAT Coverage]

    I was just intrigued as to if anyone could find an explanation for something I saw on FR24 today. I was just randomly monitoring air traffic round my area, and I found 3 Dassault Falcons which , according to the tracks, had started in a field. None of them had registration numbers available...
  4. Asylumkid

    Deadly emissions? [1% contribution of aviation emissions to harmful air pollution]

    I recently found this link on a prominent Virginia Beach chemtrail activists Facebook page. This appears to be a genuine study by a scientist by the name of Steven Barrett ( I find it a bit similar to chemtrail claims in that it somehow manages...