1. MikeC

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    A bit of excitement in New Zealand last night as a meteor was seen overhead the capital, Wellington, and for a few hundred miles around.

    Not that meteors are unusual of course, but this one left a persistent trail, and that trail was severely distorted in a fairly short time.

    There aren't a lot of good photos around yet, but these ones shows the trail starting to distort.

    I saw it a little later when it was even more distorted, and without having seen the meteor itself I thought it was really unusual - sign-writing perhaps? Or there'd been a display by the RNZAF over Wellington harbour earlier that day & perhaps they'd come back for an evening encore??:confused:

    I imagine the severe distortions are due to different winds at altitude as it is descending.

    So here's another unusual trail to add to the library.
  2. Mick West

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    Excellent stuff. Meteors left the first contrails. Here's one from 1751:
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  3. MikeC

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    Another photo - this one closely resembles the shape by the time I saw it

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