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    I would like to trace this quote back to the primary source to confirm its validity and put it into context.

    I find it odd that wikiquote cites it as quoted by Michael Ellman, rather than just pointing to the primary source. I wonder if Michael Ellman cites any primary source in this book. https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Vladimir_Lenin
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    The quote seems to comes from V. Vodovozov characterizing Lenin's position and not from Lenin:


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    The PDF download says

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    To find that I translated the phrase "destroying the peasant economy" into Russian with Google Translate, and searched for that.
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    That good sir was some excellent and quickly done work. Legend.

    I was told a bit earlier on a facebook page that this quote was in response to the famine in imperial Russia in the 1890's and that Ellman's goal of this quote is to prove Stalin intentionally starved peasants during the famine known as the Holodomor, but I thought that given context even if he had said it all this really shows is apathy towards the poorer peasantry and a utilitarian drive towards revolution. this just highlights the intellectual dishonesty of anti-communist institutions like the hoover institution and so called "intelligentsia" like Michael Ellman.

    I doubt that he at all wished people to starve as these material conditions were out of his control, so I saw that quote as illustrating insight from Lenin on the peasants and in particular their potential as a revolutionary force, as he realized the need for a strong proletariat force with support of the majority of the peasants to take the revolution through to completion.

    So, it has been taken from V. Vodovozov's memoirs and attributed to Lenin, and Wikiquote were to lazy to check.
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    Now you can change wikiquote and put it right. :)
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    Due to the cult of Lenin in the former Soviet Union, all his publications, recorded speeches and signed correspondence have been collected and archived after his death. In 1960s, the fifth edition of Lenin's works has been published. Its 55 volumes constitute the so-called "Полное собрание сочинений" ('complete works'), which is translated into all main languages and considered to be an official reference for the Lenin's quotes. The OP quote is not there.

    The Russian and translated versions are available online. Although the completeness of this publication is questionable, those allegedly omitted and/or edited works are believed to be dated after the October Revolution, when Lenin was the leader of the Soviet State, not from his early pre-Revolutionary years.
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    I wasn't even aware I could do this. I just did this. Thanks for the advice.
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